Choosing a Fish Tank : Adding Water to Fish Tanks

Okay we’ve got our water in the tank. I’m going to add this final bucket here and some considerations for water is if you’ve thought ahead it’s a good idea to set your water out for maybe twenty-four hours because, that will give the chlorine the time to evaporate. If you’re like me you don’t […]

Fish Tank Maintenance : Putting Food in Fish Tanks

Ok. Now we’re getting to the fun part of having a tank and that’s feeding of the fish. The fish have to eat, however, I think the, a very common thing that people do is, is they forget that fish are cold blooded, they just simply don’t need the amount of food that we’d like […]

Black Ghost Knife Fish – Most Amazing Fish – In My Aquaponics Tank

Okay, so this is a video of my black ghost knifefish. He’s about -he or she I’m not sure what it is- is about 14 inches long. We’ve had it for a little bit over a year, and it’s grown pretty rapidly. The scientific name is, if I’m pronouncing this correctly, Apteronotus albifrons, and in […]

Choosing a Fish Tank : Adding Fish to a Fish Tank

O.k. Main, main thing with any part of setting up a tank is conservative. I’m not conservative. But we want to be conservative in how we do all these things. In transporting the fish to your tank, think conservative. You don’t want to just get the fish, obviously, and just dump them in there. A […]

Choosing a Fish Tank : Number of Fish & Size Per Fish Tank

O.k. now one thing to keep in mind here is, if you wanted to go just with gold fish you wouldn’t need the heater, o.k. Those are, gold fish are cold water fish, their very, basically, glorified carp and you could, you wouldn’t want a heater. However, if you go with tropical fish you’re going […]

Pet Turtle Care : The Best Care for a Box Turtle

Hi. My name is Tim Cole. I’m with the Austin Reptile Service and I’ve been keeping reptiles and amphibians for over forty years. And we’re here to talk about keeping box turtles. This is a male ornate box turtle. And box turtles do very well kept in outside pens, especially if you live in the […]

Pet Turtle Care : How to Tell Age of Turtles

Hi. I’m Tim Cole with the Austin Reptile Service, and I’ve got over forty years in keeping reptiles and amphibians. I want to talk to you about aging turtles. To be honest with you, unless you’ve raised it up from a baby or the person you got it from has, you’re going to be very […]

Calming Care 3 System by CEO Han-Gill Park in Atomy School SBT Auditorium

Calming Care 3 System by CEO Han-Gill Park in Atomy School SBT Auditorium

“Practice Standards for Critical Care Nurse Education” by Fenella Gill for OPENPediatrics

Welcome to the Nursing World Shared Practice Forum. I’m Marcie Brostoff, Director of Clinical Education and Informatics and Chief Nurse Informatics Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital. I am privileged today to introduce Doctor Fenella Gill from Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, Lecturer and Researcher at Curtin University. Doctor Gill, please tell us about yourself. Thank […]

What Can You Eat to Restore Intestinal Flora?|Health & Fitness

hello welcome to health and fitness please leave your comment after watching this video and also subscribe our channel what can you eat to restore intestinal flora when most people hear the word bacteria they tend to think of something that is detrimental to their health however there are several good bacteria that our bodies […]