Cast Net Fishing at sea with beautiful natural | Sea Fishing by (Siirt Botan) # 64

Yes friends Cast net fishing Continues Big brother has got sun shoots Mashallah muhdi brother You pasted again two beautiful fish Muhdi brother you can throw cast net brother beautiful We keep going friends Yes Two spreader at the same time I hope the beautiful fish come out Fish won’t shoot one fish muhdi brother […]

Cast Net Fishing | Best Catch Fishing in The River # 63 (Siirt Botan)

Yes, welcome to our friends channel With spreader I hope we will go fishing Muhdi with brother yes Muhdi brother made his first shot Allah is fertile Where do I throw it? The first ….. Yes, the abe goes where the fish lies. Are you going where the abe is? Does Muhdi have any fish? […]

Amazing fish Catching videos || Catching fish By current Net p30

Amazing fish Catching videos

Believe This Fishing? Unique Fish Trapping System Using Long Pipe & Big Plastic Bottle By Smart Boy

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