Cat Avenger Guards A Fish Market?! | Kritter Klub

Leave a fish to a cat? Hallo, I’m Suhyup Buy some fish, hoomans He never touches fish He doesn’t eat This is fish tho Mister, I have no interest Soohyup~ Have some shrimp *drools* Naw! If you don’t, then it’s mine! He doesn’t take food from strangers He only takes food from me Is it […]

Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats | Omega 3-6 Supplement for Pets by Pupplements

they’re family you love them you care for them and you want only the best for them but are they getting the best the best nutrition the problem is that most pet diets lack essential omega-3 and 6 fatty acids these are important and needed to support growth maintenance and longevity Purity Pupplements omega-3 and […]