Cats Sing Baby Shark | Animal Songs | Cats Version

BABY CAT tu tu doo doo tu doo Mommy CAT tu tu doo doo tu doo DADDY CAT tu tu doo doo tu doo Grandma CAT tu tu doo doo tu doo Grandpa CAT tu tu doo doo tu doo SAW A SHARK tu tu doo doo tu doo RUN AWAY tu tu doo doo […]

Big Wels Catfish on lure! – Fishing Lady

Come on… Come on… Stop to go down! *Did you ask for a big one?* And then it turns out to be a trunk… No, it’s not a trunk! *A walking trunk, LOL* *She will be more tired then me* *It’s big, it’s big…* Davide, it’s here… Please… Its HUGE! Big boy…. Big big boy! […]


today we’re gonna test the GOFISH camera so I put my GOFISH camera on the line, I’ve got some lead here, and my dead bait will be there, and then I’ve attached this camera on the line with a stronger line here which goes to the reel. Now if you take the weight of the […]

고양이의 거대장어 먹방

catch an old eel and froze A few weeks later about 80 cm very thick Cut this out to put in a pot Yattong boil The cats smelled eels cool down It’s cold Start mukbang They have not had breakfast very long The cat makes a strange noise The kittens are full They are full […]

Cheshire Carp and Catfish Pt1

hi and welcome to the north west carp blog today I’m targeting carp and catfish on a small Cheshire lake I’m using pellets for the catfish and this is the pellet rig I’m using I’ve drilled the pellets with a 1.5mm drill and hair rigged it using a fox pellet peg I was fishing a […]

Cheshire Carp and Catfish Pt2

hi and welcome to the north west carp blog this is cheshire carp and catfish part 2 it’s the beginning of my session and I’ve already got a carp rod out tight to some lilies on the far bank before I put the pellet rod out for catfish I’m laying down a bed of pellets […]

How To Make Origami Catfish (Origami Koi/Carp) – Easy Origami Fish Tutorial

I using Craft Haven 6″ x 6″ Origami Paper. Available on


well we will see today a hook tie set up suitable for wels catfish & carps has the advantage of being able to fit on a catfish that can make 50 kg but also to be operational if a carp goes through there and so who is both light and sharp, but strong. So to […]

Antennenwels Männchen beim Mittagsschlaf – Amazing male Bristlenose catfish

Male Bristlenose catfis ancistrus dolichopterus

Upside-Down Catfish Doesn’t Care What You Think

There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not rotate your phone. You’re looking at the upside-down catfish. Seven different species live in the Nile and Congo Basins of Central Africa. You might expect it to be anatomically different from a regular catfish. But it’s exactly the same. So why does this catfish swim […]