Ep.9 Wild Jumping Sharks, Hand-lining 30kg Spanish Mackerel & Grouper – FISHING THE WILD NT

The Northern Territory’s coastline is one of the healthiest marine environments on earth. The biological diversity and the numbers of marine creatures is almost unmatched worldwide. One of the signs of a healthy marine ecosystem is the amount of sharks present, and there is one particular spot in the Northern Territory that has more sharks […]

Catch & Cook Channel Catfish @ Bond Park in Cary, NC

hey everybody its bill your host from casual carolina fishing thanks for stopping by today I really do appreciate it kick your shoes off sit back relax let’s see if we can have some fun catching some fish today you bond park again with Russell today and boy that’s an echo when I get up […]


I already caught a bird and I ate it if you’re somebody who prefers to have their food bought at the market, somebody else kills it for you or you don’t eat chicken duck quail maybe even eggs for wild birds, this video isn’t for you I encourage you not to watch it so I’m […]

Overnight Tropical Jungle Scout Catch and Cook w Barramundi Perch Eel Jack EP.406

Andy’s fishing Hi everyone Andy from Andy’s fishing here I’m doing the intro right in the middle of the episode it’s a good one mmm this is my breakfast I caught it last night smoked eel mmm so good being in the jungle again so guys enjoy it’s a mega walk in here but every […]

Catch And Cook Brook Trout Day 2 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

Delish Trash Fish Superhaul | Saltwater Catfish Catch N Cook

what is up guys I want to thank you very much for stopping by and checking out another video with us today I’m Stanley Orchard if you are new to the channel please take a moment consider subscribing and slapping that notification bell so that you never miss an opportunity to spend a little time […]

Catch and Cooking Catfish On The Fires Coals / Day 5 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

– We’re like savages just tearing into it. (growls) Like a couple of raccoons. I’m Zachary Fowler. And that’s Chris Thorn. And this is the 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas. There’s only one rule. If you wanna eat, you gotta catch and cook it. (gunshot) (yawns) – Good morning. Ah I don’t know if you […]

Catch and Cook Catfish With A Telescopic Fishing Rod / Day 22 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

– Don’t give up when you’re ahead, no sir. Well I mean unless it’s like you’re buying scratch tickets, you should just give up. I’m Zachary Fowler, and that’s Chris Thorn, and this is the 30 Day Survival Challenge: Texas. There’s only one rule, if you want to eat, you gotta catch and cook it. […]

Catch n Cook Coral Trout with Butter Salt and Pepper Delicious EP.364

Hey everyone it’s Andy here it’s another beautiful day and I’ve decided to go back to the spot in episode 363 where I put a nice barramundi and a bunch of good cod so I’m going to try a little bit different techniques try some different species but I’m going to start with the same […]

Catch n’ Cook SPICY Crawfish and WILD Trout!

What is going on guys I hope you guys having a great day How about we go do some fishing check this out. There’s this beautiful river here. This river is Full of trout the water is clear Crawdads should be out It’s a warm day today, but not too hot which usually means the […]