Ultra Clear Water: Lake Trout Fishing

Find Catfish in Secret Hole Dry By Smart Boy . Kỳ Lạ ! Đào Hang Bắt Được Cá Đất Khổng Lồ

เอาละครับก็สวัสดีด้วยนะครับท่านผู้ชมผม ผมจะไปขุดหาปลานะครับ ไปมาเริ่มกันเลย

Ice Fishing: Catch Trout In MINUTES!

– What’s up everybody, welcome to the show today, and on this episode, we are recording from the ice! – And we’re going to show you how to catch fish in just a few minutes. (dramatic music) Step one in your ice fishing trip, get the adequate equipment. – My first piece of equipment would […]

Night Fishing in Japan: Something’s Down There, and it’s Huge.

Japan maintains largest commercial fishing fleet in the world, and has invested heavily in technology. To pay for it all they have to bring in an awful lot of fish. Being a fisherman’s the same all over the world — brief spurts of frantic activity interspersed with long bouts of tedium. I realize fairly quickly […]

Traditional Fishing Big Fish-Catching Big Fish