Brown Trout on a Spinning Leech in Estonia

I hope you didn’t catch this on tape [Aye] So Ok, this one is big Nothing special, of course [Show me] [Over two pounds probably] This one may be now something like… [Now light the cigaret] [Where exactly your line was scraped?] Six inches from the hook [It’s quite deep here] Deep it is indeed […]

How to safely pick up a catfish

The first time you pull in one of these catfish you’re probably wondering how you should pick it up without getting hurt. You’ve probably heard of people getting jabbed or stung by catfish. The first thing you need to know is that these whiskers here are harmless that’s what the catfish uses for smelling and […]

How To Identify Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Trout | Indiana DNR

Here we have a Chinook salmon that actually expired in the stream. they tend to die when they come up. This one actually died before it spawned, it was stressed for some reason. As you can see its much larger than the other fish here. It has a lot of spotting. A slightly forked tail […]

Find Catfish in Secret Hole Dry By Smart Boy . Kỳ Lạ ! Đào Hang Bắt Được Cá Đất Khổng Lồ

เอาละครับก็สวัสดีด้วยนะครับท่านผู้ชมผม ผมจะไปขุดหาปลานะครับ ไปมาเริ่มกันเลย


well we will see today a hook tie set up suitable for wels catfish & carps has the advantage of being able to fit on a catfish that can make 50 kg but also to be operational if a carp goes through there and so who is both light and sharp, but strong. So to […]

How to Catch Trout – Trout Flies and Fishing for Trout

No knowledge or theory but a firm belief. Today is a video day. And what’s great about video days is that it includes fishing for trout. So, we are checking out… Varisjoki River Confessions of a fly angler. I rarely tie to my own trout flies Don’t be shocked. Today I bought awesome new trout […]

Cattaraugus Creek Steelhead Trout Fishing

(eerie symphonic music) (upbeat dance music) – [Fisherman] Now so we have our main line to a float. – [Man] To a float. – [Fisherman] To a barrel swivel, to a shot line, to our lead to our hook. (epic music) Unbelievable fight, look at that. – [Man] I’ll tell you what man, we’re gonna […]

Ice Fishing for Rainbow Trout

hey guys thanks for tuning in so I’m gonna try a bill Lake for ice fishing this pathway here is really tapped lots of traffic it’s an it look easy accessible lake so a lot of people come and drive down on this road and then walk on the ice so it’s pretty nice I […]

Catch n Cook Coral Trout with Butter Salt and Pepper Delicious EP.364

Hey everyone it’s Andy here it’s another beautiful day and I’ve decided to go back to the spot in episode 363 where I put a nice barramundi and a bunch of good cod so I’m going to try a little bit different techniques try some different species but I’m going to start with the same […]

4-year-old catches his first channel catfish – Potomac River Dam 5

If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful place to go fishing, Dam 5 on the upper Potomac River probably isn’t the best choice. There is a constant roar in the background from the water coming over the dam. But depending on the time of the year and the water levels, it can be a good […]