6 Petty ‘Catfish’ Out For Revenge | MTV Ranked

– Where is this guy? What’s taking him so long? – I know, right? It’s weird. Yeah. – Hm. Who’s this? (dramatic music) – Oh my gosh. Don’t come over here. Do not come over here. – [Nev] Do you know this girl? – [Jasmine] Yes, I do. – Tell us the story of Tara. […]

The 8 Most Heartless ‘Catfish’ EVER 💔 | MTV Ranked

What’s this I hear about you have a boyfriend? Is it true? And what? Yeah, it’s true. And what? So, what about us? It’s nothing with you. This is Ashanti. Ashanti. Okay. You know Chitara, obviously. Yes, I do. How old are you? 18. So, you’re a little younger. Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yes, like … what? […]

7 Explosive ‘Catfish’ Reveals That Didn’t Go Well | MTV Ranked

– Oh here’s a taxi. – What? Oh (beeping) – [Nev] It’s a taxi, and it is definitely stopping. – Oh (beeping). (suspenseful music) – [Nev] Oh my god, no way. – [Man] Oh my god. – [Max] Whoa. – Oh, he don’t know her. – [Nev] Hey. – [Ricky] Hey how’s it going? – […]

4 Catfish Who Got Catfished Themselves | MTV Ranked

So this is nice. So it was a former catfish who’s now not catfishing, but thinks she might be getting catfished. So that’s interesting. I don’t know if it’s a guy or a girl. It’s true. Everything was perfect until I started noticing he was doing some of the things that I used to do […]