Chicago’s Best Comfort Food: Surfs Up

(upbeat instrumental music) – From the sat-nav, to the heated seats, the Jeep Compass is swimming with creature comforts. You know what else screams comfort to me? Fried foods, and, clearly, Elizabeth, Ibrahim, and Kimberly all agree because they told me to ride the wave out to Oak Park and get my soul food fix […]

Life at the Dead End: How to catch catfish

Scroungin’ around for food, shooting threatening things that move keepin’ dry under a roof oh yeah. That’s livin’ the life at the dead ennnnnnnddaaahhhhhhhh. This is a pretty simple rig. My weight is uhhhhhhh. …lead from balancing tires. My bait was frozen in my freezer from last fall. Couple of froggies in there. Need to […]

Catfish ‘n’ Slaw

>>Howard: I love trying foods that are native to a region. I’ve eaten Key lime pie in Key West, Buffalo wings in Buffalo, Idaho potatoes in Idaho, and U.S Farm-Raised Catfish in the deep South. As a matter of fact, since August is National Catfish Month, let me share my adventures from there with ya. […]

Crunchy Cornmeal Fried Catfish | Hilah Cooking

Catfish Fry Recipe | Very Tasty Big Catfish Fry

Turmeric Powder For Cleaning Adding Masala Turmeric Powder Red Chilli Powder Salt Ginger Garlic Paste Garam Masala Kabab Masala Lemon Juice Mix Well… 6 KG Catfish Wow.. Super… Very Tasty If You Like This Video Give a Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe…

Fried Catfish Recipe – Fried Catfish In Minutes

fried catfish recipe care at this video so that with me Mason hasten here this program not going on today so debris you just take a look at the simply curious and then we’re not there is a your dreams we have and about some pre-made step open it from the wrong how to […]