What does success mean to us – Social Catfish

Success we all want it. Let’s sit down and talk about our vision of success How do you personally define business success Is it money, freedom, influence, creative expression and innovation or something else? I think it’s Like I think for everybody it’s different right, like I think success for some people like success success […]

Our work ethic – Social Catfish

Catfished Every Wednesday, we get everyone together from our US and Sri Lankan offices for a video call To discuss what we were working on for the week We find that weekly calls better ourselves and the relationships we have with our employees, we definitely don’t micromanage Our motto here is get shit done Catfished

The Biggest Lies They Showed On Catfish

Since 2012, Catfish has lured viewers into the darkest corners of the online dating world. MTV’s long-running reality series follows co-hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph as they come to the rescue of a doomed romantic by unearthing the dirt on their online love interest. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest lies […]

Things to know A catfish story that finally has a happy ending

A catfish story that finally has a happy ending On Thursday, The Atlantic published an in-depth piece on Emma Perrier, a London-based woman who was catfished —. then ended up finding love with the man whose photos were used to scam her. Catfishing, a term used to describe luring someone into a relationship by adopting […]

Meet some of our employees – Social Catfish

Hey, come on in I’ll introduce you to the team Hey, my name is Moe Meyers, I’m a co-founder of SocialCatfish.com I do a lot of the design on the website the user experience I dabble into some Facebook ads and kind of just go over kind of make sure everything is running smooth You […]