Facing the Catfish Head On (Catfish Spoof)

(eerie music) (door shuts) What are you doing in my house? Old Taylor, I’ve come to make amends. Did you break in here? Yes. Get out. Look, I thought about what you said, me leaving you behind. You were right. Let’s have a toast to combining the past with the future. Drink up. I insist. […]

If Nicki Minaj Got Catfished (Catfish Spoof)

– [Voiceover] Simgm productions. (playful music) (doors creak) (doors slam) – This is the moment of truth. (knocking) Ah, (bleep). – We’re up super early for this one. – The early bird catches the catfish. – Shut the (bleep) up and read the email. – Max, you won’t believe who this email’s from. – Who […]

If Drake Got Catfished (Catfish Spoof)

(knocking on door) – Can’t believe this is happening. Oh my God. – Max, you’re not gonna believe who this email came from. – Who? – Guess. – No. – We got an email from the one and only Drake. – The actor? – Yep, he says, “Dear Nev and Max,” “I met this girl […]