6 ‘Catfish’ Who Kept The Con Up For YEARS | Ranked: Catfish

– It’s been 10 years. – Right. – that you’ve been pretending to be someone else. – Yeah. It started off totally as a joke. – Tell us about this girl. – Well, she’s funny, she’S got a real pretty face and stuff. And she’s real caring, and so I love everything about her. – […]

6 ‘Catfish’ Victims Who Straight Up Lied To Nev | MTV Ranked

– Blah, blah, blah. All right, let’s just be honest. Can someone just (bleep) be honest? ‘Cause this is stupid. I just want someone to (bleep) tell me the truth. This is all bull(bleep). – [Max] Why don’t you show us? – The two pictures that I have of her are, this is one. – […]

7 People Catfished By Their Friends 😮 Ranked: Catfish

– You ain’t heard from him. – No. – You wanna know why you ain’t heard from him? ‘Cause I’m Jordan. Stupid bitch. – [Laura] What? – [Cece] Yeah. – [Angel] Are you serious? – [Cece] Yeah. – [Nev] Do you know this person? – Are you kidding me? What the (beep)? (tense music) That’s […]