Leigh & Toon rural life thailand vlog Thai fish breeding stock ponds & thai tilapia welcome to Leigh & Toons channel I will just talk you through the ponds because they’re not that straightforward so this was the initial pond that we had dug so this actually drops down I don’t know from top to […]

I Catfished My Kid On TLC

Ethan: Coby Person seems to be the sole influence of TLC’s new show. “I catfished my kid!” *whistle* It appears to be based entirely on Coby’s 2015 prank: The Dangers of Social Media. In which parents went under cover, catfished and kidnapped their own children, which was absolutely delightful and one of my favorite videos […]

She Had a Baby w/ a Catfish She’s Never Met?! | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

– Welcome one welcome all. This is the Sneak Peek Show, voted number one in giving you a preview of what’s on MTV tonight. It was voted number one by me, your host Amy Pham. After the return of Floribama Shore on Monday and the premier of The Challenge: Final Reckoning last night, this week […]

how to catfish 101

okay hello people of the Internet I’m Kesha and today I’m gonna teach you how to catfish yourself throughout the course of my life I always thought I was decent looking but when I hit puberty I was wrong I mean look at me I’m ugly I’m not as decent looking as I thought I […]

Down the Rabbit Hole | Catfish: The TV Show | MTV

Hello. Hi. Hi. I’m Neave. I’m very nervous. How are you? That’s all right. She’s out there? Yeah, she’s out here. Say hello. Hi. Hey. How are you? What’s the big deal? How are you? I’m a little anxious and nervous, but I’m better. Absolutely also the same for me. Okay, well I’m … This […]

What Dr. Phil Exposes About Alleged Catfish

Now the phone number, the phone number that he’s talking to you on does not attach to a service provider. There’s no physical address. Which phone number? Well I don’t want to say the number on television. Okay. But it’s the number you gave us. What number did I give you can you show me? […]

Fishing Catch & Cook Catfish, Day 6 Of 7 / Wilderness Living Challenge S04E07 Survival

– [Zach] Oh beautiful fish! – Isn’t it? You know what the specialty of this fish is? – [Zach] What? I’m Zachary Fowler and that’s The Wooded Beardsman and this is– – Season Four of The Wilderness Living Challenge. (upbeat music) (gunshots) Yes! – [Zach] The goal of the challenge is to gain or maintain […]

Catfish Gotta Catch Them All | HowStuffWorks NOW

Great. First we found out catfish were eating pigeons. Now they’re eating mice. Who’s next? Us? Remember that scene in the shark attack classic DEEP BLUE SEA, when Samuel L. Jackson’s making a big speech next to a pool and then a shark leaps out and swallows him whole? I don’t know if sharks can […]

How to Tell if Someone Online is Real | Catfish

Hi everyone! This video is going to be about how to tell if a person online is real or not. I’m going to be briefly discussing my experience which I have a video in much greater detail if you are interested. In addition to going over some tips and what to watch out for as […]

Is This the Most Heartless 💔 ‘Catfish’ Ever? | Catfish Catch-Up | MTV

(suspenseful music) – Hi. – Hello, hello. – Hello. – Hi, we’re looking for Cassandra. – Yeah it’s her. How did you get my address? – [Nev] It really wasn’t that hard actually. – [Cassandra] Okay. – Our next episode comes from Season 3. It features an overachiever and underhanded schemes. – Yeah, she was […]