Kingsland Catfish Festival in Georgia

Hey, it’s Joe Talentino with here. I’m with Tonya Rosado, Executive Director of Tourism for Kingsland, Georgia and we’re gonna talk a little bit about the Catfish Festival going on this Labor Day weekend. How ya doing Tonya? Hi doin great! -Tell us a little bit about what’s gonna be happening at the Catfish […]

How to clean catfish _ cách làm sạch cá da trơn,cá trạch đồng

How to clean catfish How to clean catfish For catfish to paper ball bag Use table salt and rice vinegar to pour into catfish bags Leave for 10 minutes for catfish to remove the slime themselves Pour the catfish out and rinse it under a scraper using scissors to remove fish head and fish intestines […]

How to Make Fried Catfish : How to Mix Corn Meal for Fried Catfish

Okay now that we have our catfish fillets cut in half we are going to take that seasoning mixture that we made and sprinkle them to our pieces of catfish here. Okay now we are going to start making our cornmeal flour mix to dredge those catfish in. And basically we are going to use […]

Catfish: From A To Z

– Are you dumb? – No, are you dumb? (xylophone keys tinkling) – Are you serious? – What? – Trez, really? You been behind this the whole (bleep) time? – Why y’all bring her? – I’m currently in an online, pure and very passionate relationship with someone who appears to be the rapper, Bow Wow. […]

Will These BFFs Be Destroyed When The Truth Comes Out? | MTV’s Ghosted

– That’s what happened, that’s the true… Call him. Get him on the phone. – I can’t call him– – Call him. Why? Why can’t you call him? – Because he’s in jail. (dramatic drum) – [Brittney] Oh. – [Announcer] On this episode of Ghosted, Love Gone Missing, Travis and Rachel help Brittney figure out […]

Crispy Catfish with Spicy Salad | Thai Food | ยำปลาดุกฟู

Crispy Catfish with Spicy Salad Catfish 1-2 Lime juice 2 tbsp Fish sauce 2 tbsp Palm Sugar 2 tbsp Shallot Chili 1-2 tbsp Mango Peanuts Coriander 1-2 serve

Monster Catfish 250 lbs VS Yuri Grisendi – HD by Catfish World

Michael: Yuri Strike and is OnLine!! Michael: finally also Yuri Strike a big Fish in a bad weather condition… Michael: the catfish is stopped in the river stream….. Michael: Incredible….incredible does not move a millimeter… sure a big big fish.. Yuri: come up with the boat….we try unstick the catfish from the bottom…..ok ok…he swimming […]

Pellet Rig for Carp and Catfish using Fox Pellet Pegs

hi and welcome to the north west carp blog today I’m going to take a quick look at the pellet rig I use for carp and catfish the pellet I’m using here is 16mm in size so it’s about as big as a standard sized boilie in order to help keep the pellet on the […]

Our work ethic – Social Catfish

Catfished Every Wednesday, we get everyone together from our US and Sri Lankan offices for a video call To discuss what we were working on for the week We find that weekly calls better ourselves and the relationships we have with our employees, we definitely don’t micromanage Our motto here is get shit done Catfished