Exotic Meat Party 3 | FridgeCam

Hello and welcome to FridgeCam. If you eat food, then this is the show to you. Coming up in the fridge today. I level up bacon sandwiches. Then we have an international food quiz. And the Forfeit is the world’s smelliest food. But first! I’ve been shopping again, and I’ve come up with some mysterious […]

BATHTUB WITH SALAD | 150 Liters of Herring under A Fur Coat (Shuba)

Guys, doesn’t it looks great? Ficus is ready to be served Hi guys What’s up? We’re Interesting and Ficus Finally it’s the new season of the “Pool with” And in this new season we’ll fill the bathtub with much unusual stuffs This will certainly not be water. If you were waiting for this section, then […]

Iowa Catfish Challenge

all right so 24 hours 24 pounds of catfish stipulations are each fish must weigh at least 1 pound just like the full of these tiny little sub 1 pound fiddler catfish so I don’t want to mess than those would be too easy so you know this lake it holds anywhere from you know […]

Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge & MicroSynbiotiX

My name is Antonio Lamb, I’m one of the co-founders of MicroSynbiotiX, me and my other co-founder Simon. We are the winners of the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge last year, and we’re developing low-cost microalgae oral vaccines for the aquaculture industry. We saw each year that fish farmers were facing a crisis with managing disease, […]

What If You Were Bitten By A Baby Shark

Fuzzy and Nutty have been hard at work bringing you their first official season jam- packed with brand new episodes, so we thought it was only fair to send them on a well- deserved vacation. Many exotic tropical locales offer tourists a unique opportunity, the chance to swim with, and feed, small baby sharks! While […]

$25 Walmart Trout Fishing Challenge. (BAD ENDING)

what’s going on guys Zach here from crawfishing and today we’re headed to Walmart we’re gonna do the 25 dollar Walmart trout fishing challenge I got my little buddy Goldie following along with me let’s go and buy the products I’ll show you exactly what I buy stay tuned and let’s see what we get […]

What If You Woke Up With Shark’s Teeth? || FUNNY ANIMATION

You shouldn’t have had that candy bar last night, or that third can of soda, but you did and you don’t regret it. That is, until you woke up today with every one of your teeth and even your jaw aching. You don’t even want to think about how many cavities you might have or […]

What If You Were Attacked By 100 Baby Sharks | 100 Baby Shark 2019 Challenge

Some exotic vacation locales offer tourists an incredible opportunity- the chance to feed baby sharks by hand in small, natural lagoons. The sharks involved are typically very young white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks, nurse sharks, and the famous hammer heads. The baby sharks are lured in with small pieces of fish and […]

Walmart Trout Fishing Challenge


[Mama Plush] This one’s good. [countdown] 3…2…1… [Mama Plush] Hey guys it’s Plush Posse! If you’re new here I’m Mama Plush, this is Mini Plush, that’s Mr Plush and behind the camera on camera duty today is Papa Plush. So today we took a trip to our local Asian market and we picked up some […]