Better than Fried Catfish

fried catfish awesome stupendous tremendous but it’s not fried it’s baked it looks like it’s fried it tastes like it’s fried but it’s not as messy as fried so a super super easy recipe but the forgetten catfish because the first thing we want to do is make tartar sauce because the sooner you make […]

Canned Herring Recipes – 2 ways to eat kippers

chef buck here and today we’re going to have some herring anyone who watches our videos knows we’re can fish freaks we’ve been experimenting with herring lately …usually we eat a lot of tuna…we eat a lot of a can mackerel …we eat a ton of canned salmon …canned fish is a great value it’s […]

Peanut Soup Recipe – peanut butter soup with meat and fish

chef buck here and today we’re cooking up such a fantastic soup it’s a peanut soup it’s unbelievably tasty and this is how you make it you know I just got our package of stewing lamb from the store you know already chopped up and you don’t have to use lamb you can use chicken […]