How to Cook Gill-to-Tail with Antonio Park

Swedish Smörgâsbord: Surviving Fermented Herring (Part 1)

Siļķes tartars ar rupjmaizes kraukšķiem / Herring tartare with rye bread crisps

Herring tartare with rye bread crisps Hello, my name is Kristaps Jokmanis What do you think if we prepare today herring tartare I will serve herring tartare with rye bread crisps I have a slicer that’s why I can slice the bread in long and wide slices I will dry it and break in pieces […]

Herring, Coffee, and Vikings: MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden (Part 3)

How Chef David Schlosser’s Michelin-starred Omakase Tackles the Moray Eel — Omakase

– Shibumi means creative restraint. If there’s no restraint, then we start getting so creative. It means our insecurity comes out. The master doesn’t get creative. The master just does. Welcome, good evening. Kappo cuisine, it means cooking and cutting in front of the guests. The other thing that kappo has to have is basically […]

Test Kitchen: Steelhead Trout, Romesco, Aioli, and Snap Peas

I picked up this beautiful Canadian steel head trout. It just arrived today. I’m thinking I’ll make a romesco with orange peppers and orange tomatoes and a Fiery Habanero Roasted Garlic from La Grille. It has a blast of rich flavor and aroma and will bring my romesco to the next level. I seared the […]

Hospital Menu Heats Up With Guest Chef Series at Market Place Cafe

Hi I’m Jen Moyer Murphy. I’m with Clemens food group we’re showing our farm promise line here today at the Stony Brook Medical Center. The farm promise line is about no antibiotics ever it’s it’s pork and a lot of people don’t think about pork that’s no antibiotics ever so today we have a really […]

Rainbow Trout in Foil

How to Make the Fluffiest Pancakes with Matty Matheson

pancakes, pancakes. It’s like a, someone’s running away from like the cops theme. Pancakes, pancakes, fuck cops, cops suck. Hey what’s up guys I’m Matty Matheson, we’re here in Parkdale, Toronto. We’re about to make some fuckin pancakes. I love pancakes, you guys should love pancakes. Let’s make some pancakes. [MUSIC] What should I do? […]

Sandwich with Trout

դդմիկ լոլիկ սեւ հաց իշխան 5 – 7 րոպե հազար դդմիկ լոլիկ իշխան