INSANE LUXURY Chinese Seafood – $300 HUGE Chinese Seafood FEAST – LOBSTER, ABALONE, EEL, and CAVIAR!

厨师长教你:“大蒜烧鲶鱼”的家常做法,口感细腻味道非常鲜美 Garlic wild catfish, the taste is incredible

Hello everyone this is Wang Gang In this video I’ll show you the recipe of a home dish Dasuan Shao Nianyu (Garlic Braised Catfish) First have one river catfish (about 1250g) Knock the fish out and then chop once at the the tail This is to remove excess blood from the fish Once the blood […]

独一无二 清蒸剁椒鱼 肉嫩酱香 蒸鱼不腥的秘诀 绝对好用 『Eng Sub』Chili steamed fish【田园时光美食2019 072】

Hello everyone, welcome to the garden time. Today I ‘d like to share my own recipes Chili steamed fish It’s a very unique dish that is absolutely delicious. whole tilapia First remove the fish guts and wash the inside of the fish clean. make sure you remove the black membrane inside to reduce the fishy […]

Resep Jjampong, mie seafood pedas korea

jjampong recipe for 4 servings making the broth 2 sheets of 3 x 3 cm kelp /dashima / konbu 1 small onion, chopped 1-2 Tbsp anchovies about 7-10 anchovies 5 cup (1250 ml) water 2 dried shiitake mushrooms boil all ingredients using medium heat for 20 minutes then reduce the heat, keep boiling for 20 […]

Steamed fish in chopped chili sauce (duojiao) authentic Hunan recipe #4 湖南剁椒鱼头

Hi guys! Today I will make a world famous Hunan dish which is called “duo jiao yu tou” use “Duo Jiao Jiang” which is this chili sauce I made eariler Usually people in China use fish head I know it sounds disgusting, but it tastes great but I can’t get fish head in Germany, I […]

Ancient Thai Street Food – 90-Year Old Restaurant FISH RICE SOUP in Bangkok, Thailand!

give this a quick little stir and for my next bite I’m gonna go in for the for the head they’re meant to taste the pureness yeah you can’t take the freshness of that fish whatsoever [Music] I hope you’re having an amazing day at smart Queens I’m in Bangkok Thailand it’s the late afternoon […]

Fragrant Fish Noodle Soup – Flavology by Lee Kum Kee feat. Ching-He Huang

I’m in Shau Kei Wan all the way in the west side of Hong Kong Island and I’m about to go and destroy some fresh fish ball noodle soup! This is Wong Lang Kee Noodles. They’ve been going for 40 years. It’s a family restaurant and it’s a traditional snack house and they do lots […]

Riding a Horse to Find Magnolia Liliflora Blossoms for You 遛马寻花,摘下开得正盛的辛夷给喜欢的你们|Liziqi Channel

Ha~a Yu~ye (tell the horse stop) Jia~a (tell the horse go) mm, nice,good boy. Grandma let me wear you a flower It’s Magnolia liliiflora Good, looks beautiful (Laugh out loud) Magnolia liliiflora , water, crystal sugar Flour, lard, sugar, purple yam extract Flour, Lard, purple yam powder Fermentation for one hour Magnolia liliiflora flower and […]

Taiwanese Seafood : RARE Fish Market + Taiwanese STREET FOOD in Taitung | EPIC Street Food in Taiwan

[Music] what’s up and welcome to Taiwan my name is Luke Martin with chopstick travel comm and today is day one of our journey of the east coast of Taiwan if you didn’t check out the previous episode click the link down in the description box we started out in Gao Xiang sampling some of […]

Szechuan Whole Fish with Spicy Bean Paste 豆瓣鱼(中文字幕Eng sub)

Hi everyone Chinese New Year is only a few days away today I’m going to make a very traditional Sichuan dish whole fish in bean paste this is a must have dish at my family’s Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner Fish in Chinese, Yui, has the same pronunciation as abundance Whole fish symbolizes a year […]