English Food – Real FISH AND CHIPS! (Americans Try British Food) – Cornwall, England

Good morning, adventurers. We left our little container home at the YHA this morning, and we came to where are we right now? We are in St. Austell where we came yesterday. Oh yeah, St. Austell where we came to the brewery. But we went out this morning to hit up a coffee shop because […]

Why The Golden Chippy Has The Best Fish And Chips In London | Legendary Eats

Narrator: We crowned Golden Chippy as our favorite fish and chip shop in London. Here’s why this proper, traditional chippy in the southeast of England’s capital came out on top. Name is Chris. I’m from Cyprus. I came here when I was 17 years old. I was hoping to become a surgeon on the humans, […]

Is this REALLY the UK’s BEST Fish and Chips?! | 3 Award Winners COMPARED

[MUSIC – JADED, “PANCAKE”] Hey, welcome to Sorted. We’re a bunch of mates in London, looking for the exceptional things in food that’ll help make our and your lives a little bit better, in amongst constantly ribbing each other. Some of us are chefs. The rest of us, well, we’re normal. But every video we […]