When Sharks Swam the Great Plains

If you’ve ever been to, or lived in, or even flown over the central swath of North America, then you’ve seen the remnant of what was a uniquely fascinating environment. It’s all prairies and cities now, but long ago, it was rife with exotic, aquatic life. It was full of ammonites, colossal clams, and toothy […]

Farming the Sea – Full Episode

Major funding for this program was provided by The Bachelor Foundation, encouraging people to preserve and protect America’s underwater resources. The oceans were once an abundant resource, holding what seemed to be a limitless supply of seafood. But today, roughly 80 percent of major marine fish stocks are either depleted or overfished. The worldwide seafood […]

Healthy Oceans: Sustainable Seafood | California Academy of Sciences

♪ (intro music) ♪ Are you ready to order yet? No, I know I want seafood, but I want to make sure my order is sustainable, and I hear eating too much of some fish can be bad for me. I never thought about that before, I just thought fish was fish. Some are seriously […]

Reef Aquarium Tridacna Clams – maxima, crocea, squamosa, and gigas

What’s up guys… let’s talk about clams. Giant clams of the Genus Tridacna are a popular mollusk in reef aquariums. Most people that aren’t into this hobby are familiar only with the shells of clams. It’s a shame because their true beauty can only be realized when they are living as they have a brilliant […]

How to Buy & Cook Clams | Fish Filleting

What we have here today are some really nice clams. When you’re buying clams, what you’re looking for is something kind of like oysters or even mussels. You want to make sure that they’re sealed. This is probably a strong key that they’re still alive. You want to make sure that they stay nice and […]