Seeing color for the first time – AQUARIUM EDITION!!

I was going to wait until the aquarium gallery was completed before I filmed this video But I cannot wait any longer. I need to do it now So I’ve mentioned in a few videos at this point that I am colorblind and I don’t see my fish the way you guys have and You […]

Five Hungry Sharks | Nursery Rhymes | Children Rhyme | Baby Songs For Kids | Shark Song | Kids Tv

Five Hungry Sharks Swimming in the park Na na na na na naaa…. One swim to the shore and then there were four One, two, three, four Four Hungry Sharks looking for their Marks! Na na na na na naaa…. One swim to the tree and then there were three One, two, three Three hungry […]

Colorful game – Ocean Bottom adventures cartoon with Electric eel fish shock waves

Ocean Bottom – Electric EEL adventure Hi ready to test the new electric eel power suit, I’ll release some Robo fish into the water Almost you need to be closer. Try it again You got it the more lightning bolts you see in the bubble the more energy you get Okay, I’ve released the next […]

The Snail-Smashing, Fish-Spearing, Eye-Popping Mantis Shrimp | Deep Look

The mantis shrimp is a true heavy-hitter. Take this one. She’s about to devour this snail. But she’s gotta crack it open first. So, she carefully positions it… Then — BAM! — she punches it with the speed of a .22 caliber bullet. It’s the fastest attack in the animal kingdom. That’s one kind of […]

One Sly Fish | What Sam Sees

[Music] oceans are filled with so much wildlife creatures big and small the exotic and beautiful to the wonderfully weird hey it’s me Sam wouldn’t it be so cool if you could change colors well there’s a fish in there that can not only change its colors but acts just like a chameleon and can […]