World’s Smallest Fish Curry Making | Smaller Than Rice | COSTLIEST FISH | Tastiest Food in the World

Fisherman’s boat is reaching the river bank Fisherman is bringing world’s smallest fish(Sheramenu) in a pot Its 20000rs for whole pot , each one for 200rs ok final each one for 200rs 195…190..185..180…175..170..165..160..150 145…140..135..130..125..120..115..110..105…100 total of 10000rs 99..98..97..96..94..93..92..90 89..88..87….till 1 …totals 20000rs put the fish into a tray with fingers gently dab the fish add […]

Grilled Big Fish With Shrimp And Octopus Recipe – Cooking Fish – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i grilled fish with octopus and shrimp recipe fish maybe have eggs and have shrimp and octopus it is very fresh and have other vegetables grape tomato chili baby corn lemon broccoli sterilized milk tofu sauce garlic palm sugar soup powder and salt see me do it together

Grilled Big Fish Spicy Recipe – Cooking Fish – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i going to grill fish very big i start clean it put soup powder with sugar salt fish sauce

Fishing in Bay of Bengal Cooking and Eating / Cooking in Jungle / River Fishing in jungle

welcome friends! we’ve come here after walking a long 5 km distance now we’re going to catch fish, cook and we all enjoy eating let’s start enjoying ! we have just reached we will start fishing cooking……….. i’m digging to make an oven making rice is done rice has been made successfully its ready now […]

How to Cook Paksiw na Salmon sa Gata

Hey guys, how are you? Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! I’m Vanjo Merano Today, we will cook a simple dish This is called Paksiw na Salmon sa Gata These are the ingredients for this recipe: We will need Salmon Head, you can also use Salmon Fillet here’s the Bitter gourd leaves, optional ingredient ginger we need […]

Fried Peacock Eel Fish With Long Bean Salad Recipe – Cooking Fishes – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i fried peacock eel eat with long bean salad peacock eel very fresh then have vegetable tempura flour long bean red onion garlic chicken egg duck egg green onion sweet basil lemon and chili then have cabbage pickle and other ingredients palm sugar sugar salt soup powder and fish paste

Amazing Fishing Video Catching eel Fish with coconut pot trap | Fisheries Hacks

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Survival skills – Dig hole to build fish trap catch catfish – Cook fish and eat delicious


Hybrid Catfish profitable farming|Catfish catching and feeding primitive techniques|Fishing bd video

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Fish Recipes | Fish And Pasta Dinner

fish and pasta dinne0:00:03.820,r0:00:07.000 0:00:07.000,0:00:12.469 Hi, I’m Val 0:00:12.469,0:00:14.649from Vals Kitchen 0:00:14.649,and today I’m going to be making a fabulous0:00:18.449 0:00:18.449,0:00:25.449 fish and pasta dinner. 0:00:27.499,0:00:32.640For our ingredients today 0:00:32.640,0:00:34.800 I’m going 0:00:34.800,0:00:38.040 to be using some Diced tomatoes, 0:00:38.040,0:00:39.740a little basil, some thyme, black pepper, 0:00:39.740,0:00:40.870 Pasta, you can use whatever type you prefer,0:00:40.870,0:00:42.810 […]