Taro Soup (Toran-guk: 토란국)

(lighthearted upbeat music) – Hello everybody! Today I brought this. You know what it is? Look at this! It looks like a potato. This is taro. We are going to make soup. Taro soup. In Korean, toran-guk. When I lived in Korea, I always thought toran is only Koreans eating. But later I found out […]

Slimming World fish and chips recipe

You can’t beat homemade fish and chips, and this classic British favourite is sure to hit the spot. Baking instead of frying saves you stacks of Syns on the chip shop version and it’s really easy to make. Start off by whizzing the stale bread in a food processor. Beat the eggs and beer together, […]

Beth’s Canelé Recipe

– Hey guys, today we are making a delicious, French treat known as a canele. Now caneles originate from the city of Bordeaux in southwestern France and they are one delectable morsel. They are known for their crunchy exterior and the delicate, custardy interior. It’s quite a taste sensation. A canele is a tricky dessert […]

Hilsa Fish Roast | ilish macher korma | bangla recipe

hilsa fish roast ilish macher korma hilsa fish roast ilish macher korma hilsa fish roast ilish macher korma

What I Ate In A Day VEGAN #28 // Japanese-inspired Vegan Recipes

Hi guys, Welcome to a Japanese cuisine inspired edition of What I Ate Wednesday. I had been craving Japanese food for a while but didn’t want to go out and spend money. But on this morning I thought, why wait? Let’s start with miso soup. It’s so easy and you’ve seen me make this before. […]

Whole 24 Healthy Cooking Series: Fish Tacos

Hi everyone, it’s Alisa again thanks for joining me for another episode of Whole 24 Healthy Cooking with 24Hr Homecare. We’re here at Sur La Table today and we’re going to be making Fish Tacos. Not just any fish tacos, but kosher fish tacos. That’s right – if you’re hungry for seafood and want to […]


Okay, guys! Welcome back. Day six of our exploration of Ireland. We are continuing the West Cork food trail. We are now 30 miles south of Cork in Kinsale, which is the southern most stop on the Wild Atlantic Way and the seafood capital of Ireland. So today we are going to try our luck. […]

Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas Might Be The Most English Meal Ever — Dining on a Dime

– Alright, what do you think of when you think of classic English food? Well, I think of fish and chips, and so right now we’re here in Notting Hill at just a little bit west of Hyde Park, and we’re gonna go to The Fish House where they serve some really excellent fish and […]

Fish and Chips Recipe – The Crab Boat

Hey! it’s me Mickey and today i’m gonna teach you how to cook Fish and Chips ok let’s get started what do you need is lemon, 100 ml of milk, vegetable oil, any kind of potatoes, mayonnaise, old bay seasoning (this one is optional), egg, white pepper, salt, thyme, bread crumbs, all-purpose flour and off […]