Street Food Amritsar – Street Food India – Mutton Chaap,Keema Kaleji, Makhaan Fish – Food Vlog

Subscribe to our channel “Food Fatafat” and press the bell icon to get the latest video notification Hello friends how are you all? I hope you guys are totally fine. Friends its morning now and we are left for the Amritsar, like I told you in my previous video. Prashant is with me and we […]

Fish Tacos Recipe-How To Make Mexican Food Recipes-Pico De Gallo-Cilantro Dressing

Hi friends my name is Mai today we are making delicious fish tacos with a cilantro dressing we will be wrapping our tacos in flour tortillas. The fish we are fillet of Cod. To marinate the fish you will need cumin powder, kosher salt, crushed peppercorns, olive oil garlic powder, coriander powder, and chili powder […]

This is why bluefin Tuna is so Expensive | Very Expensive

Recently the most expensive koi ever was sold in Japan for a huge amount of 1.8 million dollars. Less than five days in 2019 there’s another bizarre record from Japan This time it’s a bluefin tuna that was sold for 3.1 million u.s. dollars! The buyer? Self-styled tuna king mr. Kimura. But why is this […]

How to cook Crispy Fish | Buddy Oliver | 4 of 5 #KitchenBuddies

We’re gonna make crispy skin fish! Here’s the mackerel I filleted earlier Lay it skin side down in the pan, a cold pan. Now turn the pan on on full whack Now season it with salt and pepper from a height, you do it from a height so it goes everywhere. We’re gonna cook the […]

Steamed Fish with Sour Plum | Thai Food | ปลาเก๋านึ่งบ๊วย

Steamed Fish with Sour Plum Oil Garlic 5 cloves Shallot 3 Streaky pork 100 g Shiitake mushrooms 2 Chinese liquor 1 tbsp Basic sauce 2 tbsp Soup 1 cup Pepper 1 tsp Sour Plum 5 Sesame oil 1/2 tbsp Ginger 1 tbsp Coriander Root 1 Welsh onion 2 Spring onion 1 Chinese celery 1 Red […]

9 Sauce Plating Tricks

Welcome back to another cooking video. Today I’m going to show you nine simple tricks how to plate up puree like a chef. The puree I’m going to use today is a pea puree but you can use any kind of puree you want, carrots, potato, cauliflower, anything. Here’s how to do it, let’s go! […]

Blue Mountains: No Skis Required | 5 Stops – Episode 4 | LCBO

Devan: Ontario. My home province. In the middle of February, it sleeps under a cozy blanket of snow. But come the warm weather, it’s a chef’s paradise. I’m Devan Rajkumar. Food & Drink magazine is sending me on a mission to discover all that’s on offer here in Ontario at the peak of summer. Today, […]

Grilled Big Fish With Shrimp And Octopus Recipe – Cooking Fish – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i grilled fish with octopus and shrimp recipe fish maybe have eggs and have shrimp and octopus it is very fresh and have other vegetables grape tomato chili baby corn lemon broccoli sterilized milk tofu sauce garlic palm sugar soup powder and salt see me do it together