Corydoras Julii ~ Julii Cory Catfish! ~ One of my favorite tanks!

Hey everyone, I’m Heather with Varuna Aquatics and today I thought I would show you our Julii Cory tank. This is a 20 gallon long tank with Julii Cory and Red Cherry Shrimp. We have 10 Cories in here, four of them are adults and six are juveniles. The juveniles might be false Julii’s so […]

8 tolle Panzerwelse / Corydoras fürs Aquarium

How to Raise Cory Catfish Fry

Apparently your cory catfish have been, ahem, gettin’ busy, and there are white little eggs all over your glass. Babies! So what in the world do you do now? Stay tuned to learn everything you need to know about raising corydoras fry. Hi, this is A Gamer’s Wife, here to share relationship advice and pet […]

Aquascaping Lab – Corydoras Fish Armored Catfish description / Pesce pulitore Corazzato descrizione

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this video tutorial we are talking about Corydoras Fish commonly called armored catfish It ‘a freshwater fish and is derived from the Callichthyidae family comes from South America such as Brazil Colombia and Argentina This catfish is a small bottom fish has a stocky body, compressed at the sides […]

Top 5 Bottom Dweller Freshwater Fish

– Hey everyone, Cory from aquarium coop. Today we’re talking about my top five bottom dwellers. So, they’re gonna eat off the bottom. A lot of people want cleaner fish, this is, this list is for you. So at number five, I’ve got Geophagus. What does that mean? That means sand sifter or earth eater. […]