Finding Nemo Dentist Office Fish Tank Animals

Hey everyone!Ocean conservation and marine life expert Jaclyn Friedlander here. Today we’re going to learn about the real animals behind the characters Bloat, Deb, Jacques, and Gurgle from Finding Nemo. All of these animals lived with Gil Bubbles and Peach in the dentist office fish tank in the movie. Ff you want more info on […]

10 Biggest Fish Catches Ever Caught!

From sharks, to prized bass, and a few surprises in between, join me as we discover some of the biggest catches of all time! 10. Blue Marlin (Unofficial) When it comes to “big catches”, just about every fisherman worth his salt has a “it was this big!” story, and that’s perfectly fine. Allow them to […]

Sea Turtles 101 | National Geographic

(mellow music) – [Narrator] Sea turtles are ancient mariners. Present in all but Earth’s coldest oceans, these marine reptiles are well-adapted to a life on the move. (dramatic music) Sea turtles have existed since the time of the dinosaurs. The earliest known marine turtle lived about 120 million years ago. Named Desmatochelys padillai, it was […]

When Electric Eels Attack

From its ability to produce electricity to a number of people who’ve suffered its powerful shock, this is what happens when electric eels attack. Today’s video was requested by Crazy Wright. If you have any other topics you’d like to learn about, subscribe and let us know in the comments section below. Number 5 Kenneth […]

Mythical Eel Like Creature Discovered in Florida

it’s as long as a snake it is spotted like a leopard and has two small arms with gills sticking out of its body and it lives in the swamps of Florida’s panhandle what is it it’s a new creature that was discovered by scientists who recently announced their findings they say it’s a type […]

Top 5 Deadliest Sharks

Gliding just below the surface, these ancient apex predators can transform a nice summer day into blood-soaked mayhem in a matter of seconds. Here are the 5 deadliest sharks: 5 – The Bull Shark There are more than 375 shark species, but only a handful are considered particularly deadly. Our pick for the Number Five […]

Top 10 Most Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures Ever Discovered


Welcome to Klunatik`s official COMPILATIONS channel! Here we will upload compilations and give more background information about these videos. Check our MAIN channel for our latest videos: YOUTUBE.COM/KLUNATIK Fortnite was THE game of 2018 and everyone on Youtube was playing it. So we wanted to make a delicious Fortnite dinner for Klunatik We made all […]

KIDS VISIT THE AQUARIUM! Fun Day With Sharks, Jellyfish, Turtles, Fish And Other Sea Creatures!

Wow this one is fast! Shark! Two Sharks! Ooh Fishy. Look, right there, a seahorse! Look at that one, here he comes! There is the seahorse. I think he is going to see his family. You think he’s going to his family? Ya. Yup, he is going to see his family. That is cool. What […]

9 Fish That Hunt Land Animals

from one species that can effectively walk out of the water to another which is known as the fish from hell here are nine fish that can hunt land animals before we begin be sure to subscribe – they will kill you hit the like button and request any topics you’d like to learn about […]