How To Make Fish and Chips | Hilah Cooking

>>Hilah: Hey dudes! I am Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking we are making fish and chips, super-crispy, the crispiest fish and chips you will ever eat, just like they serve in Ye Olde England, just like probably Sherlock Holmes ate except definitely better because I am making them and I am making them with […]

Salt & Pepper Fish – Chinese Style – Morgane Recipes

This is how Chinese people love to eat fish. This recipe can please everybody: the pieces of fish fillet are fried, then stirred with small vegetables, all seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic. Start by marinating the fish. Cut the fish fillet into chunks. peel the ginger, grate it, take 1 tsp, put it with […]

Crispy Fried Fish

Hi Everyone. Welcome to Gao’s Chinese Cooking Channel. Today, we’re going to fry some fish. I’m using haddock fillet but you can use any fish you like, even chicken. Just make sure the fish is dry. Simply cut the fish into big pieces or slice it open if the fillet is too thick. First, I […]