What you need to know about fish oil

Alright welcome back to another episode the knowledge bomb I’m Nick Fowler today we’re going to talk about fish oil there is a lot of talk out there about supplements right What is the right supplement, what’s that magic supplements. Should I take, you know ten of these five of those you know should I […]

What supplements should you be taking

Alright guys, this is Adrian here again and this is another Brute Shoot. Today we’re going to discuss a question that I’m often asked from athletes that I coach online, that a coach in my gym and that often people off the street just casually ask me because they know i’m in the fitness field […]

Roy CrossFit – Why You Should be Taking Fish Oil/Vitamin D

Hey everybody, Kevin here on a – selfie stick. We’re on the Lundell chiropractic side of the Lundell chiropractic and Roy CrossFit facility. I wanted to show you around a little bit and what I wanted to show you specifically was what is not here. What you don’t find a lot in my facility is […]