How to Use Fish Oil for Muscle Growth and Recovery: 3 Tips You NEED

if you’re using fish oil like most people you’re probably missing out on your potential. I’ll show you how to fix that with three quick tips for how to use fish oil for muscle growth, recovery, pretty much anything, based on my own lab research and one really embarrassing experience with the tactical athletes. so […]

What you need to know about fish oil

Alright welcome back to another episode the knowledge bomb I’m Nick Fowler today we’re going to talk about fish oil there is a lot of talk out there about supplements right What is the right supplement, what’s that magic supplements. Should I take, you know ten of these five of those you know should I […]

What supplements should you be taking

Alright guys, this is Adrian here again and this is another Brute Shoot. Today we’re going to discuss a question that I’m often asked from athletes that I coach online, that a coach in my gym and that often people off the street just casually ask me because they know i’m in the fitness field […]

Roy CrossFit – Why You Should be Taking Fish Oil/Vitamin D

Hey everybody, Kevin here on a – selfie stick. We’re on the Lundell chiropractic side of the Lundell chiropractic and Roy CrossFit facility. I wanted to show you around a little bit and what I wanted to show you specifically was what is not here. What you don’t find a lot in my facility is […]