Make Aquarium From Unused Window Glass

hello everyone, today i just found unused window glass. and today i’ll use it to make aquarium. first thing first, i clean it with water. then let it dry for a little bit and ready to cut. i cut it with cheap glass cutter and it’s quite difficult. at first cut it’s easy but after […]

$uicideboy$ – Gutting Catfish 3D

pick ’em up and cut ’em up like pick ’em up and cut ’em up like pick ’em up and cut ’em up like pick ’em up and cut ’em up like pick ’em up and cut ’em up like pick ’em up and cut ’em up like pick ’em up and cut ’em up […]

Koi fish sushi コイ寿司

First, cook rice. Boil water. Remove the head, shell, and sand vein. Put a stick into the back of the shrimp. Boil the shrimp for about a minute. Cut here and open it. You can use small shrimp as well. Cut off the root and top. Now cut the top part like this. Cut the […]

How to Double Your Minoxidil Beard Growth | Best Quick & Easy Tip For Fuller and Thicker Minox Beard

All hail the beard it’s your boy big beard b and we’re back for another addition of big beard business. In today’s video we’re discussing the controversial minoxidil beard. So I’m making this video for those of you out there who are currently using minoxidil or those of you who want to use minoxidil and […]

How To Cut Aquarium Plants

Why trim aquarium plants? Above all, the main aim of a planted tank keeper is to grow their plants. When aquarium plants are looked after correctly they will grow rather quickly and just like a garden above water, they will need tending. Aquarium plants will become overgrown and there are many good reasons to trim […]

How to Debone a Chicken Thigh

Chicken thighs are in such demand for so many recipes. And if your family loves dark meat, then you’ll want to have these versatile pieces on hand for grilling, roasting, or stir-fries. Did you know that when you buy deboned chicken thighs at the grocery, that you’re paying a premium price for them. Why not […]