William & Bentley go to an indoor fishing spot with Sam! [The Return of Superman/2019.01.20]

On a winter day that makes your nose freeze, William and Bentley head somewhere. Where are they going? – There is fish. / – Fish? Yes. You have good eyes. (Welcome, children.) Dog. Hello, dog. I can see the dog’s eyes. You can see them, right? (Waggling) – I can see the tail. / – […]

Boy’s Awesome Reaction To Catching His First Fish

Did he swimmed out? I think you got a fish! Pull it up. Heyyyy That’s a Fishy. Bring it in. Aghhh Heyyy. I got one. Oh, Fishy Can you touch him? You can touch him. Can you touch him? This is your first fish. Ya, I catch him. What name is he? I don’t know. […]