SHARKS and MINNOWS / That YouTub3 Family

(playful music) – Hi, guys! Welcome back to– – [All] That YouTube Family! – And today, we’re playing Sharks and Minnows! (cheering) Alright, so, this is a playground wars game. So, the way you play Sharks and Minnows is that one person will be the shark, they will be in the middle of the field. […]

Eels, Prizefighter (live), Regency Ballroom, May 13, 2019 (4K)

Oh man! If this is Dad Rock, I’m all in!


– What is it? – Right there, look at it! – [ZZ Dad] Wow! – [Kid] ZZ Kids TV! (upbeat electronic music) – Babe, over there. – [ZZ Dad] What is it? – I don’t know, but it’s huge. Let’s go see it. – It’s a shark! (upbeat electronic music) – It’s a whale shark. […]

KIDS VISIT THE AQUARIUM! Fun Day With Sharks, Jellyfish, Turtles, Fish And Other Sea Creatures!

Wow this one is fast! Shark! Two Sharks! Ooh Fishy. Look, right there, a seahorse! Look at that one, here he comes! There is the seahorse. I think he is going to see his family. You think he’s going to his family? Ya. Yup, he is going to see his family. That is cool. What […]

Boy’s Awesome Reaction To Catching His First Fish

Did he swimmed out? I think you got a fish! Pull it up. Heyyyy That’s a Fishy. Bring it in. Aghhh Heyyy. I got one. Oh, Fishy Can you touch him? You can touch him. Can you touch him? This is your first fish. Ya, I catch him. What name is he? I don’t know. […]