There Was No First Human

[MUSIC] This is me. I’m a human. These are my parents, they’re clearly humans too. My grandfather, human. My great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather? Humans without a doubt. But my grandfather 185 million generations removed? Not a human. He was a fish. [MUSIC] Imagine you could take a picture of every ancestor down the line and put […]

Evrimi Bitiren Video! – İŞTE KANITLAR!

Evolution theory… It’s the mainstay of many atheists. It has become such a thing that evolution is 100% reality and the people who do not believe in evolution is bigotry. Now we are here to overcome this prejudge and destroy the mainstays of the evolutionist. We have done a serious work in the process of […]

Passion for Precision Farming- Trout Lake Farm – by Washington Tractor

We are 100% organic at Trout Lake Farm In any given year we may grow up to 18 different crops in this area each that have different germination rates, different harvest dates, some are for aerial plant parts, some are for roots. We’re growing crops for their effect on human health for the supplement market. […]

LS4C – Adaptation

Hi. It’s Paul Andersen and this disciplinary core idea LS4C. It’s on adaptation. Remember the last video we talked about was natural selection which is differential reproductive success. In other words, each organism is made a little bit differently. And depending on how they do in their environment, they may survive and pass their genes […]

Natural Selection

Hello. It’s Mr. Andersen and welcome to Biology Essentials – video 1. This is on natural selection so I’ve included a picture here of Charles Darwin. Most people think that Charles Darwin is famous because he somehow invented evolution. That’s not totally accurate. Why Charles Darwin is famous is that he’s the first scientist that […]