E90 How To Make Chinese Glutinous Rice Cake in Office | Ms Yeah

Happy Women’s Day everybody! All: thank you! Our boss is a real miser You received a present today? So pretty! Lady, today is Women’s Day Happy Women’s Day, Lady! I’m not the queen, You are the queen! (women’s day=queen’s day in China) So cold I want to send to that girl Dear, Happy Women’s Day! […]

MAL FORD “LOOK AT US” (Vince Gill)

MAL FORD goes Country with this great Vince Gill penned song “LOOK AT US” ….Featuring MAL FORD at his “LOUNGE IN BLACKPOOL” Live on Keys and Vocals…..It’s Different….Have A Good Day Folks! xx


1995, disaster strikes the West Coast of California. Damn! 1998, despite efforts made by the authorities, the scourge strikes again. God damn! Punta Kaka Beach remains threatened by the beast. Impossible to fight it. The victims have piled up… Only one man was able to save Punta Kaka. Day 1 Come on! California Beach. Punta […]

Cheshire Carp and Catfish Pt1

hi and welcome to the north west carp blog today I’m targeting carp and catfish on a small Cheshire lake I’m using pellets for the catfish and this is the pellet rig I’m using I’ve drilled the pellets with a 1.5mm drill and hair rigged it using a fox pellet peg I was fishing a […]

TMI Challenge answers and one blue catfish with a friend.

hey everybody it’s Bill and I’m back. This time I’m in Kerr Lake and I have a friend! Look there! So Russ is with me today and believe it or not, let me show you, right over there, that’s Travis and his friend Jay. We’re fishing for catfish. So stick around, and see if we […]

How Fish Eat (in SLOW MOTION!) – Smarter Every Day 118

Hey it’s me Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day. So as dads, when you go fishing you spend a lot of time thinking about how to get the fish to bite, but you don’t really think about how mechanically the fish do the bite. Does that make any sense? So today on Smarter Every […]

How Fish Eat Part 2 (SLOW MOTION UNDERWATER!) – Smarter Every Day 119

Hey it’s me Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day. So in the last episode of Smarter Every Day we revealed that fish eat by sucking in the water by opening up their mouth and then once they do that they allow the water to exit back behind the operculum by opening up their gill […]