We got a DEEP BLUE SEA FISH! 🐟 SAILING is never boring!

Previously we showed you that we do shopping in every conditions and sailing life doesnt mean only sun and palm trees now I need a man here …. some muscles needed 🙂 its quite comfortable here …. Shopping for 3 weeks and 3 familes is always a challenge It is time to leave Martinique today […]


(dramatic instrumental music) – The ocean, a vast wilderness where life began millions upon millions of years ago and to this day remains one of the most unexplored environments on our planet. Within its depths live an abundance of mysterious creatures, many that often surpass even our wildest imaginations, and some of them have even […]

A Shark Expert Reviews Shark Movies

– I didn’t even make it through Sharknado, I’m sorry. I can’t even, I can’t even discuss that. (orchestral music) Hi, my name is Gill McAndrew, and I’m a shark dive tender here at the Long Island Aquarium. And I’m here to review the accuracy of five classic shark movies. Alright, Jaws was, well of […]

Top 5 Shark Movie Death Scenes of All Time!

Hey Collider fans, I’m John Rocha. “The Meg” swims and chomps its way into theaters this weekend and we thought we’d count down the Top 5 Shark Movie Deaths. Now there have been many memorable shark attacks on film #Batman1966 #SharkRepellent but we wanted to look at some of the best deaths. A warning to […]

Top 50 Shitty Shark Movies

Yeah, where’s the fucking shark movies at I’m Gonna charge movies short movies? There’s a shark movie. Oh, there’s another shark movie Oh another one and another one and another one. Shark movie, shark movie, shark movie Shark movie, shark movie, shark movie, shark movie Oh its a shark, a shark, a shark a shark! […]

Catfish Gotta Catch Them All | HowStuffWorks NOW

Great. First we found out catfish were eating pigeons. Now they’re eating mice. Who’s next? Us? Remember that scene in the shark attack classic DEEP BLUE SEA, when Samuel L. Jackson’s making a big speech next to a pool and then a shark leaps out and swallows him whole? I don’t know if sharks can […]

JAWS, Shark Week, & SharkFest: How Hollywood Demonized Sharks and Shaped Our Perceptions…

(peppy music) – Hello, welcome to Rogue Rocket my name’s Maria Sosyan and before we get started today I wanna thank our sponsor MVMT with covering news on YouTube often the content isn’t considered brand friendly and it’s essential to have partners like MVMT in order to bring you deep dives like the one you’re […]