Thinkmist | Is there an easier way to take fish oil?

Is there an easier way for your child to take fish oil? What about Thinkmist™? One spray from the MicroMega Mister™ delivers 88mg of DHA. Try Thinkmist™ on a yummy food or drink and your little genius may be surprised that they just took their dose of DHA! Order your fresh bottle with free shipping […]

Omega-3 Fish Oil Benefits (See What Happens To Your Body…)

Today, I will let you in on the 5 Proven Benefits of high DHA Omega-3 fish oil and 1 BIG problem to watch out for if you plan to or already take Omega-3 supplements. Docosahexanoic acid or DHA is one of the most important omega-3 fats and older adults may benefit more from taking a […]