Discus Fish Care Tips- How Many Discus Water Changes!?

Hey everybody. Devon here from American Aquarium. How you doing? Want to talk to you today about how to keep the discus fish. A lot of people think it’s hard to keep the discus fish, but if you can keep some general basic principles in order, in check and then it’s not as hard as […]


hi my friends. welcome to my channel. to day, I will sing the video in Turkish and English, to day 1 good news, 1 bad news. ı want to tell the good news first. DO YOU SEE? ı bought bonibon fishes, other name is trans genetic fishes. now, ım training fish, adaptasyon. this fishes, very […]

My TOP 5 aquarium fish!!!

so today I wanna talk about my top 5 favourite acuarium fish and some very intresting details about them but first some really exciting news the ultimate DIY Handbook with the DIY aquarist is now shipping internationally it would ship anywhere in the world with free shipping included now I´m not shure how long I´m […]

HOW TO: Breed Discus fish

hi everybody Joey here again and welcome back so in today’s video the topic we’re going to cover is how to breathe disqus in this video I’m going to share with you my experience with breeding discus it wasn’t too long ago where I had a few breeding pairs and established a breeding program that […]

Discus Fish, The King of Freshwater Aquarium/Tank

the discus fish is known as the cane the freshwater aquarium the discus fish are a genus of siblings which are native to the Amazon River Basin their bright colors make them popular as a great choice for freshwater aquariums like cichlids from the genus terraform all discus species have a laterally compressed body shape […]