Monster Fish Shopping: KGTropicals 400 GALLON AQUARIUM FISH REVEAL

Mr.Rack Cross who you know from the River Life. He’s just the sweetest guy on planet Earth. He is going to be sitting with us right here. It’s true I was invited to be a guest on the Tank Talk live stream in Virginia so I left Lookout and River Wife at home and made […]


I’ve been having a blast here in Florida, but before I go home There’s just one last person that I need to go and see and you guys need to meet So while here in Florida? I just had to come by [Jenny’s] you guys know our solid gold Jenny tell us a little bit […]

Segrest Farms Tour – America’s Largest Aquarium Fish Distributor

Hi, I’m Steve Poland Coming to you from beautiful Tampa, Florida. Now if you don’t know Florida, and specifically Tampa is really the fish breeding and distributing capital of the United States. I’m down here for a non-aquarium purpose but I thought while I”m here I should try and visit Segrest Farms. You may not […]


I’m still working on their tanks over there so we can’t go over there just yet but later on in the week we’re gonna get to some scaping videos and setting up of the Discus tank as well as the tank above it. In today’s video we’re going to be unboxing the fish that are […]

Borstenwürmer & Strüdelwürmer im Nano-Aquarium | Oligochaeta & Scutariella

Hallo AquaTerraner, hier ist TbBerlin auf YouTube. Today, it will be about worms in the nano aquarium. Many aquarists avoid this topic, I’ll show you here first the good worms. Again and again I read on the Internet: help thin white worms swim S-shaped through my aquarium. First I show you now the good worms, […]


Over the last few months We’ve set up any number of aquariums out here in the aquarium gallery and every time I set up a new aquarium I state that this is now my new favorite aquarium now that we’ve had them set up for quite a while now though What is my favorite fish,(pls […]

My discus and angelfish aquariums

So today’s video is about Frank! Kidding it’s not. We’re gonna be talking about the Angelfish tank as well as the Discus tank. A few little updates between the two. So, I figured let’s just do them together because this is how they’ve always meant to be. Discus VS Angelfish. What!?!? So a few things […]

⟹ PLANTED TANK | 75 gallon planted tank | Walstad, dirted fish tank

hey what’s up guys i figured i do a video on my planed tanks my fish tanks and just kind of show you what I got going and explain to you what I do with my fish tanks let’s give you a quick look at what we got going on try to point out some […]

Top 10 Expensive Discus Fish Varieties

You might love discus in your aquariums. But have you tried all the different varieties of discus probably not because there are many different varieties of discus available in the ornamental fish market. Some of these varieties are so expensive and cost over a 100 dollar or so. The more color patterns on the skin […]

My TOP 5 aquarium fish!!!

so today I wanna talk about my top 5 favourite acuarium fish and some very intresting details about them but first some really exciting news the ultimate DIY Handbook with the DIY aquarist is now shipping internationally it would ship anywhere in the world with free shipping included now I´m not shure how long I´m […]