Aquarium Nursery

I use small aquarium nurseries to check and verify different ideas. This plastic box will do for checking on small plants and even fish up to about 3 cm. I trim off the rim of the cover to make it easier to take the cover on and off the box. Use another box, flipped upside-down, […]

WHAT HAPPENED TO FRANK!?! My pet aquarium fish

oh Where’s Frank is Frank dead r.i.p? Frank Frank Frank Frank We want to see frank give us Frank show us Frank in your next video proof Frank is still alive This is what I’ve been dealing with for the last few days hundreds if not thousands of comments Just like that so in today’s […]

2,000G completed – Aquarium gallery UPDATE!

All right, how [I’m] going to do today’s update so this week in the aquarian gallery has not only been a tremendously busy weekend We accomplished it in a whole lot, but we also did four videos this week, so in today’s update I thought I’d bring you up to speed with what each video […]

DIY Mini Aquarium from PVC Pipes and LED | DIY Aquarium Paralon | Waterfall Paludarium

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How To Setup a Ghetto Aquarium, the “I’m Broke Aquarium” Quick & Easy

what’s up fishtank people what’s up dog just as fishtanks branches you on a Sunday baby want to talk today about the ghetto aquarium that’s right today we’re talking about the ghetto I’m broke as hell Aquarians we’re gonna talk about a ghetto aquarium we’re gonna talk about ghetto substrate we’re gonna talk about ghetto […]


I’m still working on their tanks over there so we can’t go over there just yet but later on in the week we’re gonna get to some scaping videos and setting up of the Discus tank as well as the tank above it. In today’s video we’re going to be unboxing the fish that are […]

Aquarium Garden DIY

I like oatmeal cranberry dunkers 🙂 Eat two boxes of them for this project (alone or with your friends). Remove stickers as described in my previous video. Then, wash and dry both boxes and covers. Dimensions of this particular box: the top is about 16 cm, the bottom is about 14 cm and it is […]

HOW TO: Build an aquarium – THE OFFICE TANK BUILD!!

Hi, everybody Joey here again And welcome back so today marks the first video of a five-part series on how I built my office aquarium now This is a really interesting Build that I know a lot of you are really going to enjoy because there’s a lot of unique Aspects to it of course […]


You guys ready for this? Hahaha, Today, we stock the 375 gallon planted aquarium with those 200 Rainbow fish. I must admit though, it’s actually over 200 red, uh, 200 Rainbow fish. About 235. A few extras were shipped which is a good thing with over 200 fish coming. I’m probably going to have a […]


Last week we set up the Discus tank, as well as stocked it. This week we’re setting up the Angelfish tank as well as stocking it. But let me bring those up to speed that aren’t familiar with this setup. Now you guys will remember, there’s 10 x 120 gallon aquariums in this entire racking […]