You guys ready for this? Hahaha, Today, we stock the 375 gallon planted aquarium with those 200 Rainbow fish. I must admit though, it’s actually over 200 red, uh, 200 Rainbow fish. About 235. A few extras were shipped which is a good thing with over 200 fish coming. I’m probably going to have a […]


Last week we set up the Discus tank, as well as stocked it. This week we’re setting up the Angelfish tank as well as stocking it. But let me bring those up to speed that aren’t familiar with this setup. Now you guys will remember, there’s 10 x 120 gallon aquariums in this entire racking […]


Have you ever heard of sea monkeys before? of course you have. about 60 years ago There was this huge craze essentially you get this fine little powder in the mail Or however you want to buy them you add this powder to a little bit of salt and water And they hatch into sea […]


Last night while I was editing. What was supposed to be today’s video. I? Heard a lot of splashing from the aquarium Not your typical splashing something was terribly wrong. I glanced over to the aquarium and I notice my arowana Was kind of freaking out a little bit? I couldn’t figure out. What was […]

NEW AQUARIUM SETUP Hardscape Part 2: Rookie Mistake

(intense music) – [Dustin] Uh I need a towel. (intense music) What’s up fish tank people? Dustin’s Fish Tanks bringing it to you with part two of my neighbor Marniece’s tank. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well. In today’s video I show you the hard-scape and I love the way this video ends […]

Fish Tank Set up

In this example, I use a cylindrical vase to make a fish tank. The vase is 24 cm deep and has an 18.5 cm diameter. The dimensions are necessary for calculating maximum size and number of fish for the aquarium. Check links in the description of the video for details. Add gravel, rocks, seashells, etc. […]

Làm hồ cá hạt trân châu DIY fish tank with orbeez

Hi everyone to Angel Kid Toys channel Today Katie will make fish tank with orbeez decoration this is multi color orbeez first Katie will pour water into the tank then Katie will add orbeez into the tank wow so colorful continue to add more orbeez then Katie will let the fish into the tank slowly […]

Bottle Aquarium | How to Make Plastic Bottle Aquarium | Small Aquarium With Fish//GREEN PLANTS

welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to show you how to make aquarium using plastic container bottle i just use 7 liter plastic container bottle to make this aquarium cleaning the aquarium stones with water now i just put some black aquarium stones in the base layer second layer white stones next […]