Aquarium DIY Bio Co2 system

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What is up skye squad its Nicole Skyes welcome back to my channel if you are brand new be sure to hit that subscribe Button down below and become a member of the sky squad if you are already subscribed be sure to turn on those Notifications by clicking that little bell. Today we are […]


This isn’t as bad as it seems this past Tuesday We went live and silts the two thousand gallon for the first time or at least we started to fill it after I got about Ten inches of water in the aquarium though. I discovered a week where does at least from though well There’s […]


I’m still working on their tanks over there so we can’t go over there just yet but later on in the week we’re gonna get to some scaping videos and setting up of the Discus tank as well as the tank above it. In today’s video we’re going to be unboxing the fish that are […]

Swimming LEGO Shark 2 – 31088 Deep Sea Creatures Stand

Hey everyone, Jason here. Today it is shark day! LEGO recently released this Deep-Sea Creatures Creator 3-in-1 set and as soon as I saw the shark on it I knew I wanted to try and make this shark swim, and even though I already built a swimming shark last fall, it was based on the […]

DIY Slime Aquarium Challenge! / AllAroundAudrey

(upbeat music) – Hi guys, it’s Audrey and I’m here with my sister. – Jordan, from JustJordan33! – And today we’re going to be making fishbowl slime. – Oh yeah! – Aquarium slime. So we bought this aquarium that actually glows. – Yeah! – It’s like a little light party. But before we put our […]

DIY CO2 Diffuser Kit Setup for Planted Aquarium

If you have planted aquarium with plants that require high CO2 dose and proper lighting for example attractive plants like baby tears, some carpeting grass etc. then you might need a CO2 Injection system for your planted aquarium. Now most of the CO2 injection system are costly costing above 25000 INR or more than $ […]

Glass VS Acrylic aquariums

Acrylic or glass Which one should you use to build your aquarium motive this has been a hot topic in the aquarium? Hobby for a very long time my name is Joey Mullen, and you’re watching do-it-yourself pro tips and tricks Acrylic is the superior material when it comes to glass versus acrylic is superior […]

Quadruple 40 Breeder Aquarium Rack

More fishroom builds. This time it’s a rack for four 40 gallon breeder tanks. I’m going to show you exactly what I did and why. That’s coming up. Steve Poland here, Steve Poland Cichlids, And I have been busy. I basically decided that the area in my basement that’s pretty much half a fishroom […]