Urban Trout Fishing, Manchester, Iowa

In the depths of an Iowa winter some fishermen descend in their own version of hibernation, seeding our lakes and streams to only the hardiest of anglers. But inside an Iowa DNR hatchery, a team of fishery experts is giving every Iowans a reason to rediscover cold weather angling. On a crisp winter morning near […]

Skamania Steelhead Trout and Coho Salmon | Indiana DNR

We’re here in northwest Indiana, Michigan City area, just south of Lake Michigan, and we’re at the trail creek sea lamprey barrier on Springland Avenue. Today we did a couple of things. As biologists we like to monitor the run and see which species are moving up at the particular time of the year. So […]

How To Identify Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Trout | Indiana DNR

Here we have a Chinook salmon that actually expired in the stream. they tend to die when they come up. This one actually died before it spawned, it was stressed for some reason. As you can see its much larger than the other fish here. It has a lot of spotting. A slightly forked tail […]

Electrofishing Trout Run Creek

[engine noise] Good morning my name is Doug Dieterman, and I’m with Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, section of fisheries. Today, we’re at Trout Run in extreme southwest Winona County. And we’re doing a population assessment, primarily for brown trout but certainly for all fish species. This happens to be one of our long- term […]

Trout Stocking at Camden State Park

(lively guitar music) – [Bret Voiceover] The cool, rippling streams, of southeast Minnesota, support an abundance of trout, that is unmatched, anywhere in the state. Because trout easily reproduce in these waters, the DNR rarely has to stock them. But, the DNR has found streams, in other parts of the state, that can support trout […]

How to Clean a Fish!

[MUSIC] Alright before we get started here I want to just show you a little bit about what we’ve got here. We’re going to start with the brim. Brim you can fillet out if you get a big enough one. Brim, when I say brim I mean any of your sunfish family. Most people around […]