Annie & Hayley Make Outfits For NALA CAT & TUNA! 🐱🐶 Fashion Faceoff: Season 2 Ep. 3 | Nick

– Whoa this is happening! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! – [Announcer] Five, four, – [Annie] It kind of looks like a five year old did it but maybe that’s the vibe – [Hayley] I panicked. I can fix this. – [Announcer] Well last time it was concert and you guys voted so the […]

Why Dogs are Millennials’ Best Friends – Dogtopia’s Neil Gill on Cheddar TV

So tell us how Millennials and Dogtopia are really going so well together Why you identified this as a critical business opportunity? Yeah, the sector is growing rapidly guys and it’s been driven by the fact that Millennials understand the need for socialization of dogs and They’re treating dogs now like they’re treating children, and […]

Toysee Learns Pet Animals Names – Fun Wild Animal Toys in Colors

Dog grey raccoon yellow dog orange goldfish puppy golden retriever blue elephant another dog brown bear orange tiger another blue dog toy a yellow cheetah black and white orca whale it’s an orange octopus black and white Panda bear yellow duck blue shark pink puppy an orange dolphin sea animal it’s pink shark toy for […]


PHILIPPE ATTACK CATFISH !! Yuri Strike a Catfish….is sure a big one the catfish take much line and swimming speed in the river current IS A BIG CATFISH !! Yuri is really a professional fisherman and experienced Yuri Grisendi is trying to win the battle from the shore, but it is really hard so we […]

Huge Catfish 260 pound with little Spinning rod in a swollen river – HD by Yuri Grisendi

Yuri: Stop the trolling motor Yuri: Is bigger of the first catfish Gabriele: I think is over 2 meters Gabriele: I pull the catfish inside, far to the main river Yuri: yes better….here is more easy to fight him Gabiele: today is a good fishing day….allready two catfish Yuri: after few months without strike….this catfish […]

Endangered eels used for dog food

Our eels are being exported overseas to be used as pet food in other countries. As a result, people of Te Arawa are expressing their concerns, as the delicacy is on the brink of extinction. Hinerangi Goodman has more details. They’ll end up like the moa. If environmental issues affecting our waterways aren’t addressed, many […]

16 All-Natural Remedies To Soothe Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

(funky music) – Do your dogs itch and scratch non-stop, above and beyond? You know that they have problems. They have itchy skin and it won’t stop. No matter what you do, baths, you change the food. You try all kinds of remedies. You buy everything at the store, and still, they come to you […]

Frosted Pink | Pink Panther and Pals

(gurgling) (slurping) (gulps) (clattering) OH! (growls) (gulps) HA! (whimpers) (exhales) (gasps) (gasps) (gasps) AAH! HMM? (yells) (phone ringing) (indistinct chatter) YEAH! (dance music plays) AAH! (bowling pins clatter) HMM? AAH! AH, HA! AAH! AH. (clears throat) (whistles)

Do Fish Drink Water?

If you have a pet, one of your jobs might be to make sure that your pet has plenty of food and water… …unless, of course, your pet is a fish! You have to feed your fish, but you don’t have to give them water — there’s water all around them! But do fish need […]