Juice with herring 2018

Cheese, avocado, herring, carrot and food color. What are you making? We are making juice. Juice? Yes, and it’s going to be a little strong – silly. as it contains… HERRING – AVOCADO – CHEDDAR CHEESE. 3 carrot One Two Three and we also need some water. We need the water later Now we add […]


like and subscribe for more fun food and… shots shots shots? I have not had sushi in so long!!! I must make a special sauce for dipping. this is a delicious savory and barely sweet dipping sauce you should try! perfection! now we need a drink soju !! don’t do this kids. adults only time […]

Do Fish Drink Water?

If you have a pet, one of your jobs might be to make sure that your pet has plenty of food and water… …unless, of course, your pet is a fish! You have to feed your fish, but you don’t have to give them water — there’s water all around them! But do fish need […]

Ong Bak 2 Slave Fight Scene HUN DUB

No! No! Let me go! Let me goo! Mother!! Let me go!! Oh my little son. My son! My son! Hurry up! No! Don’t let me go! No! *Come on! Move!* No!! No! Mother! Noo!! *Mother!* Motheer!! Please, no! Who was that?! You there? Or you? Or you? How dare you? Come on! Drink, drink! […]

This Cozy NYC Fishing Town is a Seafood Mecca || Food/Groups

Welcome to the Bronx! I know, not what you expected, right? Looks like the suburbs. That’s ‘cause it kinda is – – even though this is technically a part of New York City, we’re worlds away. This is City Island. It’s a one-and-a-half mile island off the coast of the Bronx proper, and even though […]