The drugs don’t work: a global antibiotics crisis | FT Investigation

We’ve got used to the fact that if you have a small infection, if you have a cut, if you need an operation, then you can use antibiotics and the infection won’t be serious. Unless we get a grip on resistance to the antibiotics, people will die from these things. The issue of anti-microbial resistance […]

2014 1st Canadian Fluoroquinolone (FQ) World Rally Speech

My name is Mark Girard, and I am here today to talk to you about Fluoroquinolone Toxicity. Fluoroquinolones are a class of Antibiotics that are over prescribed and are incredibly dangerous. We gathered here today at Queens Park in front of the Ontario Legislative Assembly Building to share what’s happened to us to try to […]

The Sloths That Could Cure Cancer: Bio-Prospecting in Panama

oh that’s amazing can I touch her sure Oh weird oh that hurts haha I didn’t realize I was gonna actually let her have you yeah but they’re very very strong medicines come a long ways since we used to put leeches all over our faces but as good as the drugs we have our […]


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Inside The Laughing Gas Black Market

So how did you figure out how to take nitrous out of hospitals? Why did you choose to sell nitrous instead of any other drug? With the highest level of consumption on the continent, no one takes drugs quite like the British. This is high society. A series where we meet dealers, users, and manufacturers. […]

Am I A Fish?

♪♪ Put him over there by the fish tank. We’ve got to get back into surgery. Copy that. Alright Mr. Warner, you’re going to sit here while the grogginess wears off and we’ll come to get you in a little bit. Can you nod if you understand me? And that counts. [Snorts] What? [Mumbling] Where […]

Mexican Oil and Drug Cartels: Cocaine & Crude (Full Length)

Dragon’s Blood Could Save Your Life

When you think medicine, chances are that these come to mind rather than these. What you might not realize is that a lot of times, potential drugs and other really useful compounds come from some truly bizarre places in nature. Today we’re looking at why these three unlikely animals might just save your life one […]