Deep Sea Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

What’s up guys, we’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Deep Sea Fishing Battle. Here we go! The rules for this battle are simple. Catch a fish, add up the points. The two guys with the most points move on to the big fish finale. What up gang, Cody here. I feel like I’ve got a bit […]

GIANT ANGRY TUNA – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 84 | Pungence

– Dude, how did you do that, no! Whoa look at that, tuna gang. Tuna gang, tuna gang, tuna gang. Oh my goodness, no! I’m gonna swallow you whole, oh! Oh no, tiger shark! Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So guys, today we’re playing as a fish we’ve never […]

NEW NORWAY REDFISH – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 85 | Pungence

– We got a great white shark, let’s go for it. Dude, this is the fight of the century. Narwhal get away from me. I think we should go for this ichthyosaurus. Hey, what’s up guys, welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So, guys today, we’re playing as this brand new Norway Red Fish. […]

Horror Dishes People Eat Fish Alive (English sub)| Most Disgusting Food On Earth

Raw fish dishes for Vietnamese “Thái” people only what you do to prevent stinky smell of the fish? Wow..Wow. Wow..Wow. I want more. ok.! Wow. ha ha ha…ha Fish jumping ah ah. Now, let’s eat Eat with this. Spicy chili pepper….. Spicy chili pepper…. garlic…, fig leaf Bon appetit. Here you go. How’s this? Very […]