How to Make Healthy Tuna Salad| The Stay At Home Chef

Today on The Stay At Home Chef I’m showing you how to make Healthy Tuna Salad This is a lightened up, healthy version of the classic tuna salad and boy is it tasty! To start you’ll need 10 ounces of tuna and I like to buy whole albacore tuna for this because it tends to […]

Dragon Roll – Dragon Egg Roll – Eel Sushi rolls #장어롤 #드래곤에그롤 #우나기롤

오늘은 건강식 장어롤 3가지를 소개해드리려합니다 ! 같이 한번 해보실까요 ! 첫번째롤: 드래곤 에그롤 재료입니다 실파, 소금,후추, 달걀 ,양념된 장어 두번째 드레곤롤 재료 :실파,오이,다진생강,아보카도,양념된장어 파를 채썰어주세요 생강을 썰어 다져주세요 채썬 파와 다진 생강을 섞어 좀 더 다져주세요 장어를 어슷썰기로 잘라주세요 나머지 반은 길게 잘라주세요 채썬 파와 함께 계란을 넣고 섞어주세요 약간의 소금과 후추를 넣고, 잘 섞어준후, […]

Easy / quick / tasty /yummy snacks (seafood) recipe ~ Bhola Vetki Fish Fry #Reshmikitchenfoodnfun

Bhola Vetki Fish Fry 6-7 fresh Bhola Vetki fish (washed & strained well and then marinated with ¼ tsp salt, and ½ tsp lemon juice) 2 eggs 2 medium onion smooth pastes 1 tsp ginger paste 6 chopped green chilies 1 pinch of black pepper powder 2.5 tbsp gram flour / besan 2.5 tbsp white […]


[lauren] you just put the whole one in your mouth? [lauren] that’s a lot of dough at once [john] it’s really dry. [lauren] don’t say it’s dry! [john] well if you ate a spoonful of peanut butter that would also have made a really tough dough [lauren] well you’re not supposed to put it all […]

Crab Chowder | Seafood Chowder | Crock Pot Recipe

What’s up everybody? Hey, you like Crab? Do you like Chowder? Then this is the video for you! You know what? Welcome back to my channel Smokin and Grillin and today we’re making a Crab Chowder with me, “AB”! Now let’s go over our ingredients I’m using Bumblebee white crab meat those are 12, you […]

NO-COOK VEGAN MEALS » for the summer heat

If you don’t have a kitchen or if it’s really hot where you are Or if you just don’t feel like cooking then today’s video is for you It’s getting really hot here in the Netherlands We hit the mid 30s last week and I don’t know about you, but when it’s that hot outside […]

EASY VEGAN SNACK IDEAS » for students (or anyone, really)

Now I don’t know about you But I am somebody who really enjoys having my snacks between meals on most days and usually I’ll just reach for something that’s really really simple like fresh fruits or nuts or hummus with crackers and veggies But I understand them that can get a little bit boring sometimes […]

3 VEGAN SANDWICHES | Vegan Reuben | Vegan Caprese Sandwich | Smoked Tofu BLT | The Edgy Veg

– You know what is the best thing in the world? Bread. (laughing) (light music) If there’s one thing I love more than anything else on this planet, it is bread and sandwiches. So, I thought today, I’d share with you guys my three super-easy, go-to vegan sandwiches. (person munching) Hey, guys. I’m Candice, The […]

3 EASY VEGAN PASTA SAUCES | hot for food

[lauren] hey everyone it’s lauren from hot for food, back with a new video this week, of course! [lauren] and i’m just boiling some pasta cos today we are going to make pasta, [lauren] and more importantly, the sauces! [lauren] i’m gonna show you how to make 3 VEGAN PASTA SAUCES. [lauren] they’re very quick […]

Yummy Bamboo Shoot Pickle Recipe – Pounding Bamboo Shoot Pickle With Roast Fish

Yummy Bamboo Shoot Pickle Recipe – Pounding Bamboo Shoot Pickle With Roast Fish