Eating Fish Does This To Your Body

did you know that because it was typically eaten on days with religious significance the word halibut actually translates to holy flatfish throughout many different parts of the world fish has been regarded as a staple food for various different cultures throughout history and for good reason – there are a number of positive health […]

Top 10 Common Health Practices That Are Actually Hurting Us | list 10

We live in a wonderful time of mass media. The news is at our fingertips, and entertainment is ever present. Unfortunately, advertisers slip in suggestions for us and we usually follow along without even a second thought. For some of us, our parents taught us certain things because they learned from someone else down the […]

Stinky Fish Challenge – Merrell Twins

I Don’t want to throw up but Hey guys I’m Veronica I’m Vanessa and today We are doing the world’s stinkiest fish challenge Thank You Brooklyn and Bailey for tagging us in this challenge no really, thank you I’m so thankful. You know I watched their video, and they’re all like throwing up What do […]

Which is better ? Fresh fish or a fish oil supplement

Most health gurus encourage people to get adequate levels of omega-3s. Often times, when making this recommendation, they’re thinking fish. But, for many people, they opt to tick the “fish” box, through the use of a fish oil supplement. After all, fish oil supplements are concentrated “fish” Plus, they ‘re relatively cheap and easy to […]

THE BIGGEST FISH | Feed And Grow #2

*high five* Top of the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye! And welcome back to “FISH Feed and Grow”! I smacked my hat in the start of the intro *laughs* That was stupid. Um Yeah, okay, so I wanna play the beta map this time. I think, well I played all the maps […]

CN Fish Seafood Fish Market Mukbang | Houston Meetup | Catfish Dinner

hi everybody welcome I’m trying to see can y’all see welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome to is it I love you it’s love you it’s a magnet what come welcome welcome to tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty mukbang looking a hot mess y’all tasting my babies i am you today with […]