YOSHINOYA JAPAN | Beef Bowl + Unagi (Eel) Bowl for dinner! | LEGIN TV

Welcome again to our new episode, here at LeGin TV today, we will eat here at …. what place is this again? ha? YOSHINOYA this restaurant is nearby our apartment so we went here for dinner there’s also Yoshinoya in Manila, just sharing now we will try the authentic Japanese version we don’t have any […]

The best Unagi (EEL) restaurant In Narita, Japan. I will show you around Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Hi. Welcome to my channel. I’m Azumi I’m actually in Japan now and am in front of Narita station. Today I’m gonna show you around Narita-san Shinshoji Temple. It’s really easy to get to. It’s just one station away from the international airport. It’s one of my favorite temples It’s kind of interesting but A […]

Inside Hashimoto: Tokyo’s Michelin-starred Eel Restaurant

Eel Bowl This place behind me is called Hashimoto… it serves an eel bowl… and it will be the first time that me and Arisa will be having an eel bowl… but also it’s not just an eel bowl… it’s a michelin-starred eel bowl so first time I’ll be having, I’ll be eating at a […]

[ASMR Mukbang] 펄떡펄떡 날뛰는 장어🐍(eel) 통으로 구워 먹기! | Eatingshow 먹방 [Ssoyoung 쏘영 ASMR]

You can hear even better vivid sound if you wear earphones! I will try Freshwater Eel today. Is this the strong one I saw a moment ago? Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. Today I will try freshwater eel that’s good for stamina. Say hi guys. I had a hard time bringing this alive eels. But me… […]