Modern Human Migration and Echolocating Eels

There’s something that’s been puzzling scientists for a while. We knew that modern humans originally came from Africa about 200,000 years ago, but… we didn’t really know when we left. According a paper published this week in Nature, teeth found in Fuyan Cave in the Hunan Province of China puts prehistoric modern humans, or homo […]

ENG) 장어 두릅 Eel 먹방 조안나 ZOANA

Hello, I’m Zoana. Unagikabayaki It’s a seasoned eel I’ve been preparing to take care of myself. 340 gram The total length is 30 centimeters. I ordered it from “Market Curly”.2,500KRW (21.53$) I wonder what the taste is like. Eel and edible shots of a fatsia that my grandfather sent me Sprinkle sesame seeds over eel. […]

Japanese eels (Unagi) on endangered list, culinary delicacy under seige

Japanese eels have now been classified as “endangered” owing to habitat loss, overfishing and other factors. The freshwater eels, which are also called Unagi, were added to the International Endangered Species list in an apparent move to speed up industrial farming of the species. Japan is the largest consumer of eels, where they are commonly […]

Experiment : Coca Cola And Mentos Catch A lot Of Eels In Underground Hole | Amazing Technology


loldub – Eels and Escalators

Oooooooo. Escalators. Escaltors. Escaltors. Ha. Escalators. Eels. Oh, fuck. Gasp. You said number 11. ♪Iii♪ did not mean to, Patrick. I am sorry.

London Could Be Full of Hyperactive Eels Because of Cocaine In the Thames River – News Today

 London’s cocaine problem could become an eel problem.  According to Business Insider, high levels of the Class A drug have been detected in the water of the U K. city’s Thames river. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Follow Following You’ll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications  The […]

Oceanpedia Critter finder Fish Eels

To many people eels are slimy snake-like creatures to be avoided but eels are fish not snakes and seeing one in its natural reef environment can be quite a spectacle. Moray eels are common reef residents. Normally found with their head sticking out of a cave they can appear quite aggressive but don’t judge a […]

[Eng subs] Eels Colombia Jang Geun Suk 장근석 FC en ElGranFan Canal Trece Colombia

Jang Keun Suk also known as Prince of Asia makes history with us and his fan club in Colombia he is popular in the whole asian continent, besides being a korean singer he is actor, dancer and model. His carreer begins in 1997 in the comedy Selling happiness thanks to the faith that his family […]

When Electric Eels Attack

From its ability to produce electricity to a number of people who’ve suffered its powerful shock, this is what happens when electric eels attack. Today’s video was requested by Crazy Wright. If you have any other topics you’d like to learn about, subscribe and let us know in the comments section below. Number 5 Kenneth […]