Hi this is Carl the landscape guy. Today I want to build a large floating net basket, which is going be used in a natural pond. Therein, larger fish can temporarily be held in quarantine or it can be used for raising young fish. There are different floating nets available but they are pretty expensive […]

Switching from Beef to Chicken & Fish May Not Lower Cholesterol

Spanish Deviled Eggs with Tuna – Tapas Recipe

Hello Everyone! today we´re making a classic tapas recipe Spanish Deviled Eggs these little beauties offer a world of flavors into every bite there perfect for cocktail parties, family get-togethers heck! I think there perfect for any type of occasion OK this recipe is easy to make and these deviled eggs are a blast to […]

Triops Aquarium – Marks Shrimp Tanks

Hello guys and Welcome to Mark’s Shrimp Tanks. Today we’re going to be setting up a proper triops tank because I don’t think this one is the best, um, the best conditions for young triops to grow in. It’s very very small, there’s hardly any water movement. So we’re gonna try and do our own […]

Exotic Meat Party 3 | FridgeCam

Hello and welcome to FridgeCam. If you eat food, then this is the show to you. Coming up in the fridge today. I level up bacon sandwiches. Then we have an international food quiz. And the Forfeit is the world’s smelliest food. But first! I’ve been shopping again, and I’ve come up with some mysterious […]


Male and Female brood fish weighing 170-250 gm each were separately weighted and body weight of the hormone ovaprim. in tramuscularly injected in a single dose with 0.5ml/kg The injected fish were released into a breeding chamber containing 20L of fresh water The fish spawned 10-14h after injection. Each female laid approximately 8000-12000 eggs. The […]

Beauty and the Feast: When Herring Come to Spawn

Every spring in the northeast Pacific, millions of herring migrate from offshore waters to sheltered corners, called by the urge to spawn. Males release sperm, turning the emerald green waters milky white, while females lay eggs the size of sand grains on every surface, covering seagrass and kelp. This massing of fish and eggs attracts […]

Facts: The Herring

A number of different species of forage fish are referred to as herring The most abundant is the Atlantic herring Herring are found worldwide in tropical and temperate ocean waters. Some species can even enter freshwater rivers. They travel together in large schools. Herring feed on plankton at night in upwelling zones, after spending the […]

Trout hatchery management: Trout stripping

Trout hatchery management: 01 Stripping trout Jeremy: Kia ora, ko Jeremy tēnei, ko Tim tēnei We’re Taupo fishery rangers for the Department of Conservation. We’re doing our stripping of trout today, to supply the children’s fish-out pond. Tim: There’s about 15,000 eggs roughly, and we’ll aim for about 6,500 fish that we will grade out […]