Elektrikli Yılan Balığı Nedir ve Nasıl Elektrik Üretir?

If we think that fish produce electricity live in sweet and salty water, we immediately realize that a fish can be extremely dangerous. The electric snake fish, which has the power to produce electricity, uses this ability to communicate, to navigate, to hunt and to protect itself. These animals live in the Amazon and Orinoco […]

These Squishy Batteries Are Made Out of Water, Here’s How They Work

We humans are soft and squishy, and don’t like electricity. Robots are hard and pointy, and they love it. So how do we make a robot that’s soft and squishy like living things, but still gets power? Hydrogels of course. Hard, metal robots are so 20th century. “Soft-robotics” is hip. Just like me. Soft-robotics involves […]

Electric eel inspired devices inside the human body – #FOTD343

– Fact of the day. – Fact of the day. Hello, hi, and welcome to Fact Of The Day with me, Mark Lotsu. Electric eel-inspired devices inside the human body. The knifefish, or electric eel, electrophorus electricus, probably one of the best scientific names ever, provided the creative spark for Alessandro Volta’s invention of the […]

An Eel To Never Feel | The Aquatic World With Philippe Cousteau, S2 EP 7

– Where is it? – I put it over there. – By the couch? – Yeah. – Oh. An electric eel, magnificent. Our submarine is docked here, in the Amazon River. – We could have gone to the Orinoco River but our dear Desiree wouldn’t fit. This is the only other place in the world […]

Electric Eel shock and a few electric eel facts (superior design)

Hi this is brothersandsisters channel Imagine going to a doctor with a flareup of gout or a migraine. To your utter shock, the physician calmly instructs you to reach into a water tank and hug an electric fish. This is what Roman physician Scribonius Largus did in 46 AD, and it worked. Some of the […]

Ask the Aquarium — “Are Other Fish Safe in the Electric Eel Tank?”

The Ember Tetra is what we just added into the (electric eel) exhibit. They are a pretty common fish in the aquarium world, as far as just about any local retailer can have them. So they’re easily accessible and bred at their facilities, which is nice, so we don’t have to go out and catch […]

Electric eel batteries

Te electric knife fish or electric eel to its friends, has one of the most shocking talents in the animal kingdom, literally. Used to sense and attack prey the electric eel’s ability to generate store and release jolts from within its body has fascinated scientists for centuries, and now they’re mimicking it on a quest […]

Eel fishing by trap | natural life of village people

Rubber Gloves Recommended: The Art of Moving an Electric Eel

Today, we got to move our Electric Eel from his original exhibit that’s he’s been in since it opened into a new exhibit. It’s a little bit larger with more structures, plants, wood and things for him to explore. Of course, the main concern was his electric shock, that if he decided to give a […]