These Squishy Batteries Are Made Out of Water, Here’s How They Work

We humans are soft and squishy, and don’t like electricity. Robots are hard and pointy, and they love it. So how do we make a robot that’s soft and squishy like living things, but still gets power? Hydrogels of course. Hard, metal robots are so 20th century. “Soft-robotics” is hip. Just like me. Soft-robotics involves […]

Do you want to read TWEETS from an Electric Eel? Preschoolers learn 50 facts about the ELECTRIC EEL

Hey. Welcome back. Clover here. Today I’m going to share the 50 most shockingly curious facts I know about the electric eel! The most curious fact of all is that electric eels are not even eels. They are knifefish more closely related to carp or catfish than any eel out there. I found it pretty […]

الأنقليس الكهربائي مولد طاقة طبيعي | Electric eel

Nature has always been an inspiration to most of our inventions today Electric eel is a watery creature that lives in Amazon river and feeds on tiny fish it breathes air so it must inhale air every 10m from river surface although it is almost blind but it’s ability to produce a 600 V of […]

How Do Sharks and Rays Use Electricity to Find Hidden Prey? | Deep Look

We live in a world full of electric fields. Animals, plants — even the earth itself — creates them. But only a handful of creatures can actually sense them. Sharks — also rays and skates… a whole group, animals called elasmobranchs — can actually detect electricity Maybe it’s like feeling the presence of someone hiding […]

The Simpsons – Mr. Burns’ Electric Eel Pond

–Corn-fed man-cow! (groans) Would you mind? -Yes, sir. (grunts, splash) Aw, look at the little eels! Ooh, electric eels! (sizzling, Homer yelling) -I didn’t know Mr. Burns had an electric eel pond. -Well, he does.

Ask the Aquarium — “Are Other Fish Safe in the Electric Eel Tank?”

The Ember Tetra is what we just added into the (electric eel) exhibit. They are a pretty common fish in the aquarium world, as far as just about any local retailer can have them. So they’re easily accessible and bred at their facilities, which is nice, so we don’t have to go out and catch […]

ELECTRIC EEL SONG | Space Dragon & Kim | Shaftesbury Kids

♪ Space Dragon & Kim ♪ – [Narrator] The following is a song about dancing like you touched an electric eel. We would like to warn you that actually touching an electric eel is a really, really bad idea. Okay? ♪ Dance like you touched an electric eel ♪ ♪ Dance like you touched an […]

How Do Eels Make Electricity?

Electric eels have fascinated scientists and the public for hundreds of years. Even Charles Darwin was puzzled by them. What is the shocking secret behind an electric eel’s weapon? Hey guys Julia here for DNews Electric eels are some of the most shocking…. okay sorry had to do that once… organisms on this planet. They […]

Rubber Gloves Recommended: The Art of Moving an Electric Eel

Today, we got to move our Electric Eel from his original exhibit that’s he’s been in since it opened into a new exhibit. It’s a little bit larger with more structures, plants, wood and things for him to explore. Of course, the main concern was his electric shock, that if he decided to give a […]

Electric Eels – “Eel-ectricity” | As electric as it gets | smart

Hey guys, ready for an unplugged song? Fish, please! We´re fully electric. Say eel-ectricity Say eel-ectricity Say eel-ectricity It´s eel-ectricity Baby, take a cruise Catch yourself a high wave Make the smart move Don´t be missing the buzz Cool enough for school We ain´t never shallow Infinitely juiced Join the motion with us! Welcome to […]